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Retirement Gains Through the Midas Legacy

When it comes to retirement, individuals have to start planning ahead now. A company known as the Midas Legacy is one of the key money management firms that can help with this goal. Through the Midas Legacy, investors can improve the way they manage their wealth. The company looks beyond the individual’s financial health to achieve the investor’s personal goals.

More Than Just Wealth Management

At the beginning of the process, the Midas Legacy works to figure out what the individual actually wants. Everyone has unique goals in life, and the Midas Legacy looks at the entire picture. From spending more time with family to saving for retirement, the company’s goal is to mentor clients along the path that they want to take in life. As a result, individuals can enjoy a more efficient money management plan that helps them at all stages in their life.

Simplifying Investments

No one has time to read all of the latest financial reports or earnings statements. The Midas Legacy has gained ground in the industry because they handle the day-to-day work of financial planning. More importantly, the Midas Legacy does not believe that individual’s have to have millions of dollars to invest. Anyone with a small nest egg can begin making changes to improve their long-term wealth and happiness.

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Retirement Calculators for the Rest of Us

When it comes to retirement planning, an estimated 36 percent of Americans have not saved anything towards their retirement. This situation has to change. Pensions and Social Security payments are often not enough to live comfortably during retirement. Often, individuals need more money after they retire because they have more time to travel or practice their favorite hobbies. The Midas Legacy offers a retirement calculator that helps with planning for the future. Through their retirement planning options, investors can learn how to develop passive income, lower their tax rate and diversify their portfolios.

Cracking the Midas Code

From the first moment investors interact with the Midas Legacy, they are able to learn the techniques and tricks for a successful life. This firm offers new customers a free book that helps them learn how to invest and go after their dreams. Experts at the company are constantly on hand to provide insight and direction to new investors. As a result, even financial novices can enjoy better results from their portfolios.

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Andy Wirth’s Interview with KCRW

Born in West Germany, Andy Wirth is a well traveled individual who has always had a passion for being in the outdoors and living with nature. With this attitude, Andy Wirth even pursued the profession of becoming a backwoods ranger.

With the love of the wilderness in his blood, Andy Wirth decided to combine two of his passions which are business and his love for nature. With this in mind, Andy Wirth has since then become a successful individual in the mountain resort and hotel industry. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Andy Wirth’s goal has been to demonstrate to visitors from all over the world that the beauty of nature can be combined with luxury within a beautiful resort.

Ever since his executive position as the CEO and the President of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort, Andy Wirth has been on a mission to make his resort one of the best resorts to visit in the world. As a businessman in charge of a resort located in one of the most beautiful sites in the world, Mr. Wirth wants to showcase his luck to the world.

The Squaw Valley Ski Resort is the result of a merge between two local ski resorts in the Tahoe Valley. The results of this merge are immeasurable as this has lead to even more high quality ski slopes for visitors to practice and enjoy themselves on.

Andy Wirth has been running this business for the past six years and has put not only money, but also hard work into creating a better ski resort.

Over the past six years, Andy Wirth has invested over $70 million to be put into the renovation of this resort. The money has gone towards remodeling the interior as well as creating even better ski slopes for ski enthusiasts.

In recent news, Andy Wirth sat down with the KCRW radio station for the purpose of discussing the current drought that has hit the West Coast and has been devastating many businesses including the agricultural business.

The host of the KCRW radio station was interested in listening to Andy Wirth’s opinion on the drought not only for his expertise, but also for his opinion on how the drought may hinder his business. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Though Andy Wirth did admit that the ski industry has been faltering due to the lack of snowfall on an annual basis, Andy Wirth also added that he has no fear for his own resort.

This is mainly due to the smart investment choices that Andy Wirth has made over the years to invest in new and innovative ways to consume water. Andy Wirth has taken advantage of this opportunity and has been able to demonstrate his skills as a businessman in the ski industry.

How Whistleblowers Are Going To Save The Economy

One of the reasons 2008 saw such a massive financial crisis has to do with the right people in the right place refraining from doing the right thing. There are a lot of reasons why that can happen. Job security is often the most prominent. People who could blow the whistle on superiors who are willingly engaged in underhanded, exploitative conduct that threatens the United States economy–and don’t–are usually in high positions of power. In an organization conducting underhanded business, the only people in a position to know what’s going on thoroughly enough to inform the proper authorities are usually risking their career. Prior 2008, there weren’t any existing legal protections that would keep such an individual from losing their job. In 2010, Congress passed a piece of legislation called the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, and this definitely does something to help insure the whistleblower.

First and foremost, under Dodd-Frank, whistleblowers retain employment. Employers are legally restricted from taking recriminatory action against those who’ve alerted the SEC of underhanded financial practices. Secondly, incentives are available. In specific, whistleblowers become entitled to between ten and thirty percent of all collections pertaining to sanctions over a million dollars. Additional sanction discovery can result in additional incentive payment.

The only provision that Dodd-Frank can’t provide is that of anonymity in whistleblowing. For this necessity, Labaton Sucharow steps up to the plate.

Labaton Sucharow is the first Whistleblower Protection Practice. This organization began very soon after the 2010 Congress enactment of Dodd-Frank, and has a team of attorneys led by Jordan A. Thomas, the man who is most responsible for Dodd-Frank in the first place. Thomas used to work for the SEC, and during his time there wrote the legislation which became Dodd-Frank. Now he helps clients blow the whistle, maximize their available incentives, and remain anonymous if they so desire. Anonymity is the best way to curtail unwanted reputation declination, though some whistleblowers don’t seek it.

Additionally, at Labaton Sucharow all initial consultations are entirely free. These can also remain anonymous if clients prefer, though Sucharow advises that the identity of a client be given to those who may potentially represent his or her interests in court.

There’s no way to stop greed, but there is a way to penalize it, restrict it, and keep it from dominating the country until the walls fall in. Dodd-Frank and Labaton Sucharow are at least one component striving to keep the country together.

Sam Tabar is Making Big Waves in New York

One of the most challenging careers for anyone to break into and find success is law. However, Sam Tabar is proving through his accomplishments, that it is not impossible to become a success through his hard work and determination. It is truly amazing what Sam has been able to get accomplished since the beginning of his career in the legal field. An attorney and capital strategist, Tabar is said to be “one of the best” in his field.

Currently, Sam is working as an associate for the city of New York at FullCycle Fund. There, he uses his talents to continue to open doors and push ahead. Prior to accepting his position with the city of New York, Sam worked at a number of other well-respected companies such as Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. He made strong and valuable contributions during his tenure with each of these companies.

Sparx was one company in particular where Sam Tabar’s talents really shone through in his work. While at Sparx as the Co-Head of Business Development and Managing Director, Tabar managed to make the business grow and flourish thanks to his well-rounded experience in the legal field.

Prior to becoming a licensed attorney in the State of New York, Sam studied law at Oxford University. He graduated with his law degree in 2000. Following his graduation from Oxford, he went on to study at Columbia Law School for his LLM.

Currently, as of 2014, Mr. Tabar is managing his own practice, that has begun to handle many of the high profile contacts that he’s developed over a career of hedge fund management all over the world. He is regularly featured in articles from PR Newswire, and publications like the Huffington Post for his regular accomplishments in his field.

Of Focused Leadership and the Success of Madison Street Capital

Anthony Marsala, who is a co-founder of Madison Street Capital, has been awarded by the Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. He made it to the 40 Under Forty Program, which recognizes business individuals who have made commendable strides in business valuation, litigation, financial forensics, mergers and acquisitions, among other areas.

The honorees were selected by the sitting executive staff of NAVCA and according to the panel, they were impressed by the quality candidates displayed, something that made selection a hilly task. However, they narrowed down to Madison Street Capital’s COO, Anthony Marsala, who qualified on the basis that he has emerged as a visionary, excellence-founded individual.

The total number of honorees in attendance was 125, and this included nominees selected by the executive staff. These are people who have extraordinary advances in different areas. Anthony Marsala is a leader and a strategist who has been leading Madison Street Capital, LLC., in creating a positive international presence. He is also oversees the performance of the analytical team to ensure due diligence is adhered to. He is also responsible for ensuring the finance corporate services and M&A is handled in the most accurate manner. Marsala has reviewed transactional engagements for more than 13 years in various companies.

About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital is an internationally recognized investment banking company dedicated to upholding integrity and professionalism. The company offers advisory services in the corporate sector to help businesses manage their books of accounts. Madison Street Capital also works with qualified auditors from their team to offer valuation services and financial opinions regarding the position of a business. The information offered by Madison Street Capital has been of great help especially among start-ups. Simply put, Madison Street Capital works with trained professionals, who first look into the profile of a business for analyses that draw opinions and facts about the business.

The company also arranges cost-effective financing for businesses depending on the capacity of a business and position in the market. Madison Street Capital is a leading provider of advisory services and business valuations that are relevant for the market. It allows businesses to choose the best match for their needs to ensure accuracy in the implementation of processes and to avoid making costly decisions that do not impact positively on the business. Most importantly, Madison Street Capital walks closely with the client until the process of initiating a financial transaction is complete. Until the process goes to completion successfully, Madison Street Capital will make effort to protect the business.

Skout is the New Social Networking App Creating Buzz

These days more and more people are meeting via their mobile devices. It is no longer considered to be taboo to meet strangers online in pursuit of friendship, professional networking, or romantic relations. Since the development of mobile apps, it is not only common to meet people this way, it is expected. Skout, a new mobile iOs app allows users just one more way to connect online. It is designed for people to meet one another and be able to socialize while exchanging pictures.

The main screen of the app offers a gallery of profile pictures of other users that are currently online. by selecting any one of the pictures it will bring users to that person’s full profile which includes more pictures and information about them. At that point, it is possible to start a conversation by chatting with them or simply extend a flirtatious “wink”. Users can also add the other member to their “favorites” list for easy navigation to their page or “block” them, in order to prevent them from being able to contact them. If users are interested in meeting strangers completely at random, they can utilize the “shake” feature, which will allow them to be matched with and start a conversation with a random user.

The app does include many activities that will require that its users pay for in the app’s currency of “points”. Points can be added to a user’s account by making a direct purchase or they can be earned through participating in advertisement engagements and interactions which help to draw income to the app. The points can then be used on a variety of features such as checking to see who has viewed your profile or to send a gift to another user.

According to a review by the Social Times, the app works fairly well overall. However, there is little that is proprietary or unique about the interface and overall format of the app itself. Others like Facebook, Tinder, and Instagram all offer a platform for people to meet each other at random and exchange pictures while chatting, playing games, or sending gifts. The only difference is that Skout essentially requires users to invest their money into using the app if they do not wish to participate in the advertisement engagements. For more information about Skout or to download it you can visit the app store and read reviews from other users that have already joined the Skout community.

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How Did Securus Make It Easy To Call My Uncle?

There was no way I was ever going to make it up to the jail to see my uncle because it was so far away. Life just gets in the way sometimes, and that is where I knew that I needed to make a change. I found Securus from a circulating article published by PR Newswire, and they have a calling app that basically changed my mind on this completely. Everyone who wants to make sure that they are going to get calls into jails should do what I am doing. I downloaded the app, and now I can talk to my uncle over a video call any time I want. He has been able to check in with me, and I can see how he is doing instead of guessing.

The nest best thing about this is that I just push one button. I have been able to use the app easily, and I got everyone else in my family to start using it. We are all on Securus now, and it is so much easier than guessing when to call. We can all get around one camera, and it is much easier for us all to help him when he needs it. There is a lot that needs to be done, and we will make sure that we can get everything into the calls we make.

We have found a lot of simplicity in what is going on with Securus America, and we are going to keep using it because it just makes more sense for us to use it. We do not have to drive up to a jail that is too far away when we can just use the Securus app. We can make calls any time, and we are connected directly to the jail. I feel safe with Securus, and they have made checking on my uncle. Watch more on