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A Lip Balm To Overcome Differences – Vegan Friendly Edition of EOS

Ever since Evolution of Smooth, better known as EOS, took the lip balm industry by storm, they have been able to stay competitive through their large social media following and organic products. Their lip balms, which are packed in simple little round containers, contain vitamin E, antioxidants, and even some shea butter. This provides for a product that heals damaged lips while leaving a smooth scent behind.

Recently, EOS went further and created a lip balm which is a completely see-through version of the traditional EOS lip balm container. They also made a new model which is labeled “Crystal”, as it does not contain any wax in its formula. The flavors that the brand will be producing within this product line are Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, buy now! To seal the deal, EOS also made sure to pack the latest edition of their lip balm with as many as five essential oils. Thus, EOS is able to accommodate to a larger market share because the new product will have a special appeal to Vegans who may not have given much thought to the company prior, view more details here on

By utilizing an Instagram account as their marketing tool, the company was able to notify its two million followers and create buzz for the new line of lip balms that are highly anticipated. The price for the product will be $4.99 and it is launching in August of 2017. As done previously, the company will be selling the product online from their official website, as well as through some retailers that carry EOS. GO to and purchase your favorite flavored lip balm now!

Evolution of Smooth has been one of the few beauty supply companies that managed to survive high competition and come off on top. Currently, they are a trend-setter and their latest vegan-friendly product supports their objective of differentiating the market.

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SalviRagael: Driving the Media agenda in Mexico

     In Mexico and around the world, no media station matches the influence of GrupoTelevisa, S.A. It is regarded as the largest Spanish broadcaster. In order to reach this stage, the GrupoTelevisa, S.A started slowly from a radio station then later diversified to TV. TV is their biggest income earner and accounts for more than 60 % of their revenues.

At the helm of GrupoTelevisa is Salvi Rafael FolchViadero, the Chief Financial Officer. With a career spanning decades in media, he has continued shaping the company to prosperity by diversifying into different areas such as sport. However, their traditional income earning segment has been on the export of Soap operas to different international stations.

Salvi Rafael FolchViadero’s main work has been aligning the company’s strategic outlook and maximises the reach and influence. This has seen the company diversify into sports coverage, feature film production and distribution.

Salvi Rafael FolchViadero had previously, serve in different positions in – GrupoTelevisa for many years before his position as CFO. GrupoTelevisa has also ventured into electronic media. It capitalises on the high rate of internet penetration in Mexico. Mexico has the second highest internet penetration in Latin America.

GrupoTelevisa owns two of the main commercial TV stations, these are CanaldeEstrellas and Canal 5. The other to main stations, Azteca 7 and Azteca Trece networks are owned by Azteca. These four stations reach about 75% of the Mexican population.

Apart from GrupoTelevisa and Azteca, there also other media houses that compete for the public’s attention. Previously, many journalists have lost their lives due to the clashing of interests with government and hence found themselves on the wrong side of the bridge. This, therefore, affects the media’s ability to be impartial in disseminating information.

Things have however changed with the media now able to work independently and provide more objective information.

Daily newspapers also play a very big role in Mexico. The most popular daily newspaper is The News. This publication forms part of the NovedadesEditores which also publishes which is an online product and 15 magazines.

Jason Hope Gives Reasons why Internet of Things is the Next Big Innovation

Jason Hope is one of the renowned philanthropists, entrepreneur, futurist, and investor in Scottsdale, Arizona. His interests are biased towards giving back to the community advancing technology. Jason has a degree in Finance, which he attained from Arizona State University. He also holds a master’s degree from the college’s W.P.

Jason Hope created mobile communication company at the beginning of his career. Jason has an exceptional talent of understanding technology, which enables him to predict the future of the technology world. He has currently shifted his interests towards investing in startups, philanthropy, and biotechnology. Hope also runs a mentorship program for high school students in Arizona.

Jason’s Funding Program

Hope’s love for entrepreneurship has propelled him into providing grants program to several entrepreneurs. The funding idea helped several start ups. He says it is hard for students to save a reasonable amount to start a business idea. Jason’s website is always flooded with business ideas. He goes through them and picks the most viable, which he later funds with a total of $500.

According to Jason, to be a successful entrepreneur, one needs to put his focus on one project at a time. He discourages future entrepreneurs from investing in every single opportunity that comes their way. With daily advancement in the technology world, Jason believes that Internet of Things will be the next big innovation. He has written several articles that point towards the growth of IoT (Internet of Things). The technology will allow several devices to synchronize. Daily used items such as kitchen appliances, roads, and street lights are headed towards this direction. For a safer and easier life, the future needs to adopt smart technology and Internet of Things. It will ensure that waste reduction and pollution free environment is achieved.

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George Soros Planned New Help for Campaigns

Since George Soros is a liberal and has always been working toward a liberal agenda, it is no surprise that he was supportive of the Clinton campaign in 2016. In fact, he donated more than any other donor and made sure that he was doing everything that he could to raise the money that Clinton needed if she wanted to win. George Soros supported her, backed her and tried to make sure that his money would be able to make a difference. For the campaign to be able to work, he had to make sure that he was donating a lot of money and that meant drawing attention back onto himself. He tried to ensure that he was donating money, that he was helping with campaign ideas and that he was coming out of the figurative hiding that he was in according to Politico. George Soros nailed everything that he was doing.

It takes a huge sum of money to be able to run a successful campaign and George Soros knows this. He has helped with several different ones and has made sure that he can do everything to help the people who are campaigning. He also tries to ensure that he is doing everything the right way so that others will be able to get more out of the political opportunities that they have. George Soros used a lot of the money that he had, but it was not something that affected him since he is a billionaire. Learn more about his profile at

The campaign that Clinton used during her fight for the presidential title was something that would cater to people of all different backgrounds. George Soros knows this and knows the right way to run a campaign. He is sure that education is the answer to all of the problems that are happening in the world and that has made it easier for him to try different things. George Soros does what he can to help people and has always made sure that he is helping others with the issues that they might be having. By promoting the educational experience, George Soros made sure that the campaign was going to be successful for Clinton.

George Soros wasn’t actually in hiding, but he did take some time to himself after some major political setbacks in the past. One of the things that he did was make more money. He invested a lot of the money that he already had and it turned around to make him even more money. He planned on using that money to support the campaign and to give Clinton the things that she needed to be able to be successful. It was the experience that would be the catalyst for change course for George Soros. Read his profile at Business Insider.

What Makes Dr. Walden Standout

When it comes to health, we all want the best for our families. It is even more critical when we are dealing with our appearance. Getting a trusted and reliable plastic surgeon can be a hard task. It is almost impossible to check into a doctors background before allowing them to treat you. However, there is good news for the residents of Austin Texas. Dr. Jennifeer Walden is in town.

After years of a successful career as a plastic surgeon in NewYork City, Dr. Walden has decided to move back to her hometown and opened up a personal practice.Dr. Walden is certified by the America Board Of Plastic Surgery and has been practicing surgery for eight years now.

What Makes Dr. Walden Standout.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews was brought up and educated in Austin Texas. She attended the University of Texas Medica Branch. She went through an aesthetic surgery fellowship at Manhattan eye, ear and throat hospital in NewYork. After her fellowship, Dr. Walden has had a successful career in plastic surgery with none of her clients filing any complaints or any reported failures in her surgical procedures. If you are going to have someone determine how you look, then Dr. Walden is the best choice. Following her accomplishments as a medical Surgeon, Dr. Walden has been named by the Texas Monthly as a reputable and dedicated doctor. Click here to know more.

Dr. Waldens Acomplishments

Dr. Walden has had many personal accomplishments after graduating from Texas University. While working at the Manhattan eye, ear and throat hospital, Dr. Walden was appointed the vice Commissioner of the Board of Directors for The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Walden is also a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery. Dr. Walden has also co-Authored the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Currently, Dr. Walden runs her own practice with her office at Westlake medical center. Her person practice is fully accredited, and her services are exceptional.

Talk Fusion Facilitates Rebranding of News Provider HuffPost

As news organization HuffPost continues its rebranding efforts, the video marketing firm Talk Fusion has emerged as a major influence in how HuffPost is reaching its readers through social media and other outlets.

The CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, released two publications through HuffPost related to marketing online and how to effectively promoted a product or service in the new age of information technology. During the same time, HuffPost had officially changed from the Huffington Post to its current name. The news organization stresses its desire to tell the stories of those who do not often see the spotlight of the mainstream media. For Bob Reina, this statement has resonated with him and his ultimate mission for Talk Fusion.

As a contributor for HuffPost beginning in 2016, Reina has gained global acclaim for his content. The articles and videos released by Bob Reina cover various topics including marketing, current trends in technology, and strategizing for entrepreneurial endeavors. Both a business and philanthropist, Reina firmly believes in the importance of innovating and evolving along with the present-day media. These beliefs are integral in the effective partnership between HuffPost and Talk Fusion. Learn more:

Talk Fusion is the company behind the renowned Video Marketing Solution, an all-inclusive promotional strategy that has been dedicated to giving a unique branding to other businesses through innovative marketing techniques. The reported benefits of using Talk Fusion for marketing include customer retention, maximizing profits from sales, and adding a more dynamic touch to advertisements.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by its current Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. In addition to its business ventures, Talk Fusion also plays a part in donating to various charities around the world. The philanthropic and charitable efforts of the company are a reflection of its founder and foster a positive business model for other entrepreneurs. 

Talk Fusion operates in over 140 countries across the globe and works on a personal with businesses to improve their marketing skills. The company allows for a 30-day trial of its services for anyone who may be interested, which includes the Video Marketing Solution and other services. Learn more:


Betsy DeVos Brings Life to Broken Education System

Lot of people are going to be looking at what Betsy DeVos is doing. She is certainly becoming a force in the education arena because she is speaking her mind. I like that about Betsy DeVos. So many people that have held the position of Secretary of Education have simply sit back and let the education system continue to fall apart. I believe the Betsy DeVos is going to make a change and education for the better because she is actually addressing the issue.She is not sitting around and talking about how the education system is so great in America. To the country, Betsy DeVos has put every opportunity for to discussing how the education system is broken.She is talking about how the education system needs to be revamped entirely.

This is a real wake-up call for Americans, but I definitely think that this is something that needed to be heard. I don’t think that anybody else had the guts that Betsy DeVos had to truly say that education system is in need of repair and something needs to be done about it.The great thing about Betsy DeVos is that she is not someone that is sitting back and ranting about their education system. It is true that she has talked about how it needs to change, but what I like the most about Betsy DeVos is that she has actually put forth an effort to change it. She is not sitting in the background and trying to figure out a plan that may not even get implemented during the time she has this position.The great thing that she has done that made a lot of sense is create a plan before she even got into the position that she has as Secretary of Education.

She was already working on improving the education system with a lot of healthy donations to education. Now I believe that she has a better chance to implement better education because she was already involved in the act of improving education system anyway. I believe that anyone that wants a decent education will have the chance to get one if Betsy DeVos has her way. She is already making plans to open more charter schools, and this is something that shows that she is taking interest in what children are doing when it comes to the education process.I believe that a lot of people are going to appreciate the changes that Betsy DeVos is making. She has already stood her ground on charter schools, and I think that more of these schools will come into place under her leadership. I believe that she will make a real difference in education.

EOS is the Lip Balm for Everyone

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is the beauty company that provides the lip balm for all ages, personalities, and skin types! EOS’s famously spherical lip balm demands the attention from all five of your senses starting with the obvious soft circular shape that fits in your hand almost organically. EOS lip balm also engages your sense of smell with their beautifully decadent scents ranging from a very fruity strawberry sorbet to a refreshing scent of sweet mint. Maybe you are more into an organic blueberry acai. EOS offers a 100 percent certified natural blueberry acai scented lip balm flavor. You can find out more about this flavor by clicking on the following link: Looking for something with a little pizzazz? EOS offers a variety of types, refer also to You can the previously mentioned organic lip balm, along with other unique themes such as visibly soft, crystal, shimmer, active, or even medicated if you need a lip balm that provides some extra soothing relief. The crystal flavors vanilla orchid and hibiscus peach offer a more weightless moisturizing option because they are free of wax and have light ingredients like avocado oil and shea. Great review here on

Sensitive skin? No problem. EOS’s products are all hypoallergenic, gluten-free, dermatologist tested, and free of parabens to ensure a beautiful soft experience for consumers of all skin types. Some of the magical ingredients you can find in your EOS lip balm are moisturizing shea butter and jojoba oil. You can be sure your lip balm is free from all ethical conflict as EOS does not test any of their products or ingredients in their products on animals nor do they have any independent parties do so on their behalf. You can find out more about these morally ethical, environmentally friendly, and downright wonderful lip balms on the EOS website

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In Safe Hands With Dr. Jennifer Walden

Sometimes when people are looking at one or the other review of a plastic surgeon, they don’t know what to think. Here is a story that might change your mind. If surgery is the way to go, the professionalism and experience of the surgeon are necessary. Reputation can be more important than any review.

Story Worth Reading About

Plastic surgery has been around for centuries. The opinions about plastic surgeons are very different. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a seasoned professional in the field. It is worth knowing her name if you want to learn more in the field.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews comes from Texas, and medical profession runs in the family. Her mother is a nurse in a surgery and her father – a dentist. After attending High School, she graduated with a Biology degree. Dr. Walden headed to the medical school. The University of Texas was her choice, and she graduated as a salutatorian.

After the residency years, a fellowship followed. Afterward, Dr. Walden worked in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye until the end of her fellowship. Dr. Jennifer Walden spent seven and a half years in New York. She took part in the research of silicone breast implants. After the review of research, silicone breast implants were reintroduced to plastic surgery.

Work that Helps OthersDr. Walden opened her private practice in Texas after her twin boys were born. She was also a spokeswoman for ASAPS talking about plastic surgery. Her patients and colleagues recognize her professionalism and passion for the field. It is also the way she treats every single patient that makes her one of the best plastic surgeons in the business.

Dr. Walden is not afraid to take risks and introduce new technology in her field of expertise. She uses 3-D Vectra technology to help patients see how they will look after the surgery. She works as a consultant for Venus Concept and other companies. Her experience and advice help develop new methods for plastic surgery. To know more about him click here.

ClassDojo is the Perfect Tool for School

ClassDojo has become an important tool in the school’s and has helped turn a classroom into a community. The application is a revolution in regards to helping involve the students and parents with the projects of the teacher. It is no wonder that the product has grown in popularity since its creation in 2011. More and more teachers are using this tool and seeing great success with the results.

ClassDojo is a tool that keeps all parties involved in the communication process. The children, the parents or guardians and of course the teacher. If there are any issues then it can quickly be communicated with ClassDojo and the parties involved can work together to better the situation. The teacher can quickly note and send a message and quickly return to the task at hand with minimal interruption for the students. It doesn’t work one way – the student is made aware and so are his or her guardians. The parents can easily respond with any questions or concerns too.

ClassDojo is based on encouraging positive behavior. It creates teamwork among the children as they are encouraged to work as a team. The reward comes in a focus of Dojopoints. These are points that are earned with the application (input by the teacher) and allows the students to exchange them for rewards. The parents are able to view their progress too on a cell phone, tablet or computer browser very easily. The apps are easily downloadable for both the iPhone (ios) and the Android platforms. Teachers can award points for participation, good behavior, helping other students and much more.

ClassDojo is an excellent resource in showing pictures and videos of projects going on in the class to help keep all parties involved in the learning process too. The benefits go far beyond that. To view more about ClassDojo check out the site and see what benefits it could have for you and your student today.