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Preston Smith, the Rocketship Education CEO, Is Here to Pass On Several Helpful Tidbits of Educational Knowledge

Preston Smith and John Danner founded Rocketship Education in Redwood City, California, hosting its first academic year in a church kind enough to donate its facility in San Jose. Although John Danner, a technological guru, isn’t with Rocketship Education anymore, contemporary CEO Preston Smith has remained with the chain of public charter schools through thick and thin, learning many valuable lessons in the process.

Teachers are paid more than most other schools compensate their instructors, even Rocketship Education’s private counterparts. Parents are also involved with interviews, throughly screening applicants to help reduce the probability of poor educational candidates finding their ways into the ranks of the highly prestigious Rocketship Education’s facilities. Administrators, more importantly, look for teachers that will be flexible in changing their methods of instruction, rather than hiring those with decades of work experience, even if they’ve been rated highly by their former employers.

Employees at Rocketship Education’s locations are encouraged to listen to the opinions of everybody involved with their schools in any capacity, whether they’re parents, nearby citizens, or investors that provide substantial sums of money to Rocketship’s facilities. This helps administrators and instructors make well-rounded decisions.

Unlike other schools, RSED strives to diversify its teachers’ backgrounds first, rather than its students. Students learn better and are happier when taught by teachers with diverse backgrounds.

Rocketship Education was created in 2007 as the brainchild of Preston Smith and his technologically-savvy business partner. The chain of public charter schools are allowed to accept investments from private parties and individuals, as well as government grants, allowances, and other awards, despite not having to follow the same rules that local school boards mandate for nearby schools. This allows Rocketship Education to fine-tune its educational plans for its low-income students, as areas with multiple schools of varying demographics – pretty much all cities in the entire United States of America – respond differently to various approaches. Rocketship Education’s charter status has allowed its students to consistently score some of the highest test scores in its respective regions of operation, ranging from the nation’s capital in Washington DC to 12 schools strewn across California.

Ingenuity, Reinvention, Leader: Evolution of Smooth

The wars of the lip balms have been going on for many years. This field has a lot of competition as well as clutter. The oral care isles of most stores are extremely long, which can be frustrating. There are literally hundreds of brands to choose from and this is where the problem began. Just about every major oral care brand has its own lip balm product. Unfortunately, every one of the choices aren’t legitimate and are loaded with chemical filler. On the bright side, Evolution of Smooth bucks the system and provides the consumer with the highest of quality ingredients.

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Evolution of Smooth can be used by anyone, and it’s considered to be a unisex product. Some of the biggest names in the entertainment scene have used these advanced products religiously. This includes Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Evolution of Smooth has a very distinctive look thanks to its rounded package shape. The brand also uses some of the most eclectic flavors such as lemon twist, coconut milk, passion fruit, summer fruit, vanilla bean, vanilla milk, cucumber melon, honey apple, strawberry sorbet and numerous others, all available here on The products are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, shea butter, aloe vera, coconut and many more. Being animal byproduct-free, petrolatum-free, wax-free and paraben-free, makes the products safe to use on a consistent basis. View to see more products.

Crystal Lip Balm is the new addition of this brand’s arsenal. No other lip balm in recent history have caused such a stir like this upon release. This product has literally shut the EOS website down as all of the new products ended up selling out, order here. The clear appearance of the product allows it to stand out even more from the competition. Crystal Lip balms will certainly set new standards, and it will definitely raise the bar even higher.


EOS Lip Balm Review

EOS lip balm is one of the most popular brands on the market these days. The company is always adding unique flavors to their collection. One of the things that separates EOS and ranks them above the rest is the many scrumptious flavors they come up with.

EOS is recognized by their trendy egg shaped containers, seen also in They’ve already made a name for themselves in the past few years, but now they’ve opened the door to millions of people that couldn’t partake. Due to the ingredients in their balm, millions of vegans were unable to enjoy this product until now. The new vegan Crystal lip balm.

This new line of lip balm has a different look. Instead of a creamy opaque color, the Crystal products are translucent. EOS has eliminated the beeswax from the ingredient list and substituted clear shea butter, see this now. It glides on more smoothly than the waxy version and feels refreshing. Two of the new flavors include Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. They smell wonderfully and taste like you would expect them to. You can taste the peach but not so much the hibiscus flavor. These two flavors are very fragrant on, and off, the lips. The Crystal line of lip balm still provides moisturizing relief for hours and keeps lips from drying out.

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Contributions of EOS to the People’s Beauty

The EOS lip balm has for a long time attracted a significant number of customers who like the scent and broad range of flavors they contain. The company has recently brought more fun to their clients through revolutionizing the lip balm and giving it a more modern design. The adjustment made to the crystal lip balm has received a lot of amendment from a significant number of individuals who are stunned by the crystal clear look of the product as well as its new packaging. Many of its users have streamed appealing comments on Instagram regarding the lip balms.

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The crystal clear lip balms has undergone a series of upgrades, and one does not need to worry about stickiness as it does not contain wax. Besides, the unique brand comes with a vast number of avocado, coconut, shea, among many other oils to suit the taste and preference of every customer. The product also has two amendable flavors which keep one feeling fresh all day long.

Since its establishment, the EOS firm has made over one million sales and has attracted a vast number of customers as a result of their high quality and unique products. The firm focuses on providing their customers with natural and organic products to ensure that they do not indulge in the use of products with harmful chemicals, but rather use high quality and safe products. The EOS lip balm is skillfully designed with consideration for a vast number of customer preferences as well as the use of current technological innovations.

Besides offering their customers with the best brand of lip balms, EOS has also helped people effectively take care of their entire bodies through their introduction of a broad range of hand and body lotions, shave creams, among many other products that have been delightfully received and purchased by many people.

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Bob Reina: He Is Always Looking Out

Bob Reina is the type of individual that is always looking out for other people. In many ways, he puts the needs of others over his own needs, which shows the type of character and resolve he has as a human being. He is always thinking of others and ways to help them, make their lives better, and improve the quality of living for them. He knows one of the biggest things that people are unhappy about is their job. Their job causes them a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. They don’t really know how to deal with it and they don’t know how to fix it. It is not like they can talk to anyone about it. In most of these cases, their story winds up falling on deaf ears, which can be incredibly tough for someone to handle.


When someone finally does get the courage to speak up, say something, and do something, they want to know there is someone out there that is going to listen to them, be there for them, and help them through whatever is being thrown their way. At many companies, they have a my-way-or-the-highway approach. It is a big reason why Bob Reina decided to start up Talk Fusion. He knows there are a lot of good people out there working for a lot of bad bosses.


He knew if they were given the chance to be the boss and they were put in charge, things would be different for them and things would be better. They would not have to deal with a rude boss or deal with being talked down to all of the time. They could earn some respect and in turn, they would feel better about themselves. People have to remember that Bob Reina is a former police officer. He is very understanding of people and what they are going through, as he has seen a lot and done a lot.


Because of this, he is equipped with empathy, which is a missing trait in a number of people in society. Bob Reina truly cares and he backs it up. Learn more:

Lifeline Screening: Preparing For The Tests That Could Save Your Life

Advances in modern medicine make it easier than ever before to be preemptive when it comes to our health. Lifeline Screening is one of the leading providers of preventative health screenings in the United States and the United Kingdom. Lifeline Screening offers painless ultrasound, EKG and blood panels that are vital when it comes to detecting life-threatening diseases before they become detrimental to one’s health.

Carotid Artery Screening

Carotid artery screenings use ultrasound technology to measure plaque buildup in arteries. Plaque buildup is the leading cause of strokes. Patients should wear short sleeve shirts that are open at the collar. Turtlenecks should not be worn.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

An abdominal aortic aneurysm happens when the lower part of the aorta weakens or bulges. The screening process involves an ultrasound that detects aneurysms which could lead to a ruptured aortic artery. Comfortable, two-piece outfits should be worn to the screening. Patients will be required to fast for the four hours leading up to the procedure. Any meals eaten prior to the fasting period should be light. Doctors recommend eating half of what a patient would normally consume per meal. A half cup of coffee or tea is permissible during the fasting period.

Atrial Fibrillation Screening

A simple Electrocardiogram can detect an irregular heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat can raise the risk of a stroke but as much as five times. Patients should wear a loose-fitting, two-piece outfit. Watches and cellphone should be left at home, and pantyhose should not be worn. Patients should also refrain from wearing moisturizers on their skin.

Bone mineral Density Screening

Detecting osteoporosis early is vital to protecting bone health. Lifeline Screening takes a measurement of the heel bone to determine bone mass density with use of ultrasound technology. Patients should not wear pantyhose the day of the screening.

Type Two Diabetes Screening

Prediabetes and type two diabetes can both be diagnosed from the results of a glucose blood test. Patients will be required to fast for eight hours prior to the appointment.

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The Origin Of End Citizens United And Its Awesome Accomplishments

James Bopp is a lawyer from Terre Haute in Indiana, and in 2008 he was defending a non-profit company which at the time was small. The client was the Citizens United, and they wanted to be granted permission to air Hillary: The Movie. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) had an issue with the period during which the film was to be aired, that is, the Democratic presidential primaries. The FEC also had a problem because the advertisement was meant to take 90 minutes as a campaign ad without the knowledge of who was to pay for it. The film depicted Hillary Clinton as a ruthless schemer in politics and also as a European socialist. The film also had Kathleen Willy accusing Bill Clinton. The accusation was that she was hugged and kissed by Bill Clinton while they were in the white house. Kathleen goes on to say that Clinton was planning to kill her cat.

James Bopp argued that there was no significant difference between the 90 minutes movie and the 60 minutes movie. He went ahead to say that the producers of the film should be given the First Amendment protections. Bopp’s arguments left the whole court bursting with laughter including Judge Royce Lamberth who found the film in question to be quite long. In 2010 the Supreme Court overruled the case and acknowledged Bopp’s arguments. The Citizens United was to be protected by the First Amendment. Bopp endorses the dismantling of the campaign-finance laws as these laws benefit only the wealthy corporations especially those with connections to political leaders. The Citizens United vs. FEC case brought consequences that went beyond giving protection to movies and books. Hefty spending in elections was allowed, and this was why the Karl Rove’s American Crossroads group raised and spent huge amounts of money with public disclosure kept at minimal.

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End Citizens United appreciates the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 about the Citizens United vs. FEC case. The name End Citizens United came from the whole event which made it possible for corporate donations in elections allowing the raising and spending of massive amounts of money during election periods. The End Citizens United is a committee based on political actions, and it aims more on raising money on its own from politics. The group recently accumulated over $4 million in a period of three months, that is, from January to March 2017. However, their goal is to raise $35 million before the 2018 elections for congress. The details of the whole fundraising events were disclosed first to USA TODAY. Adam Bozzi is the group’s spokesman, and he stated that they have been making more ties to the campaign-finance groups. The End Citizens United ranked top among Democratic-aligned groups who spend massive amounts of cash in the 2016 elections in the USA.

Amicus Therapeutics, Offering the World a Second Chance

When society gets ravaged by diseases, progress becomes much of a challenge. In the 19th Century, existing health care was not for a single moment dependable since, at the time, scientists were still discovering how to make life bearable. However, the arrival of the 20th Century saw much progress in healthcare, with innovation contributing significantly to most medical breakthroughs. Although most ailments that affected the 19th and 20th Century civilizations are now treatable, there are other ‘special diseases’ that have become more of a nightmare to contain ( Current statistics show that around 350 million individuals suffer from rare diseases globally. Since the orphan diseases have proven to be almost impossible to cure, patients suffering from such maladies have often experienced a lot of stigmas and social alienation.



However, their plight has not gone unnoticed. With the creation of Amicus Therapeutics, much progress has come about in assisting the patients with rare diseases to lead normal and productive lives. From the get go, Amicus Therapeutics has categorically invested its resources in facilitating research exercises meant to bring the realization of cures to ailments like Pompe Disease, Lysosomal Storage Disorders Fabry, and Epidermolysis Bullosa closer. Since 2002, Amicus Therapeutics has successfully come up with Migalastat, a drug ideal for the treatment of Fabry Disease. Moreover, SD-01 has helped in the treatment and therapy of Epidermolysis Bullosa, thus making individuals suffering from the disease regain their dignity.



Since Amicus Therapeutics has worked tooth and nail to assist members of the community with their health problems, society has, in turn, reciprocated a lot of positivity that has led to the growth and expansion of the corporation. Today, Amicus Therapeutics has international branches in regions like the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Spain, Germany, and the Netherlands. Apart from that, Amicus Therapeutics has since expanded to become an employer of more than 500 individuals in its many branches across the globe. What Amicus has been doing for the last fifteen years is a step in the right direction. As per now, society is more aware that individuals suffering from rare diseases also have the right to enjoy their ‘freedom of love and affection’ that the unseen forces of nature have so generously given to us (Glassdoor).

The Osteo Relief Institute Seeks New Ways Of Handling Arthritis Pain

The problems caused by osteoarthritis can be painful and damaging to the body as millions of U.S. citizens are affected by this degenerative illness that is caused by a breaking down of the cartilage between the joints of the body. There are over 100 forms of arthritis currently known of, but the most common are osteoarthritis which can be defined as a break down of cartilage and soft tissue between the bones causing swelling and pain for the individual.

It is important to remember there are some common causes of arthritis in the U.S., including family history, age, excessive weight, and injuries that can cause many different problems. It is important to make lifestyle changes in the view of the experts as the Osteo Relief Institute that can include a change of diet and a regular exercise plan allowing the individual the chance to relieve the pain they feel from osteoarthritis.


Headquartered in New Jersey, the Osteo Relief Institute has grown from its humble origins to offer locations across the U.S. were a combination of physicians and physical therapists work together in a bid to ease the pain and discomfort felt when osteoarthritis is flaring.


One of the problems identified by the Osteo Relief Institute has been the pace at which most surgeons move their patients to surgical options in the 21st century, a pace which the team at the Osteo Relief Institute is too fast; the Osteo Relief Institute attempts to change the lifestyle of the individual in a bid to delay the use of surgery for as long as possible.


Physical therapists play a major role in the work of the Osteo Relief Institute as exercise is an important part of the work of the medical group who feel a patient needs to take control of their own treatment and play an active role in maintaining their own level of fitness (


The work of the Osteo Relief Institute is completed in plain English in a bid to make sure each and every patient understands exactly what is affecting them and allows them to play a major part in the development of their own treatment plan.

Eli Gershkovitch- A True Success Story:

Eli Gershkovitch is the founder of Steamworks Brew Pub. Mr. Gershkovitch was actually a successful attorney with a lucrative practice in Canada. However, he always had an interest in making his own brew. Eli Gershkovitch traveled extensively through Europe visiting pubs and breweries. This seemed to fuel his interest even more and he began to toy with the idea of opening up a brewery.


About 20 years ago while Eli Gershkovitch had a growing law practice in Vancouver, he began doing his own research into the Craft Brewery business. One thing led to another and he decided to open his own brewery within the Gastown section of Vancouver.


*Dream becomes reality:


Some felt Eli Gershkovitch should not open his own brewery however, he went with his instinct and decided to start the business (Westender). One thing that Gershkovitch learned about the building he decided to lease was that it had a unique steam heat system. This system was quite rare and no one really knew much about a steam heat system.


The steam heat system could be used to create steam brewing. This kind of brewing certainly gave beer a unique and different taste. In 1995, Gershkovitch finally opened his own brewery. Steamworks Brew Pub opened with 6 flavors of beer on tap.

After years of hard work, Eli Gershkovitch has one of the largest and most successful breweries Burnaby. The brewery was moved from the original location once the business began to flourish.


Steamworks Brew Pub has become a household name. Eli Gershkovitch has no doubt the business was a success due to the fact that he still an improved steam heat system when producing his beer. His secret is out in the open. However, no other brewery has managed to produce a beer that has the unique and pleasant taste that Gershkovitch created over two decades ago.


*Educational Background:


Eli Gershkovitch obtained a law degree from the University of Toronto. He did practice law quite successfully for about 5 years. However, once his dream of opening a brewery became a reality he abandoned his practice and any hopes of practicing law in the future.

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