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Eli Gershkovitch Takes His Canadian Craft Beer Global

Canadians love their craft beer and Ontario is home to a number of different breweries that produce some of the most popular brands. One such company is Nickel Brook Brewing Company. Founded in 2005 by John and Peter Romano, the company is known for its diverse line up lively enticing beers. Made from the finest natural ingredients imported from all over the world, the company brew small batches of high quality beer with unique names. They include Bolshevik Bastard Russian Imperial Stout, Headstock IPA, Old Kentucky Bastard Stout, Naughty Neighbor American Style Pale Ale, Immodest IPA and Malevolent IPA.

Another Canadian craft beer brewery that has grown in size and popularity over the past 20 years is Steamworks Brewery. Founded in 1995 by pilot, lawyer, brewmaster and company CEO Eli Gershkovitch, Steamworks has grown from a small concern in Gastown, Vancouver into an internationally beloved brand with customers throughout Canada, the United States and Europe. Eli Gershkovitch liked craft beer and after visiting breweries in Europe in the 1980s, decided to open one of his own. He started making just enough for his 184 seat beer pub in Gastown and the brewery has grown in size as demand has increased. Read more about Eli Gershkovitch at Ottawa Citizen.

Eli Gershkovitch is an unconventional businessman with the calm, casual demeanor of an average working-class stiff. Running the brewery gives him more freedom than he had as a practicing attorney. Being brewmaster and CEO gives Eli Gershkovitch more control of his time. And gradually he has begun building a mini brewing empire. His brew pub now has over 700 seats, is popular with locals and tourists alike and has become an important part of Vancouver culture. Eli Gershkovitch has opened several more restaurants and bars in Vancouver that all serve Steamworks craft beers. Read this article at


Eli Gershkovitch wants to revolutionize Canadian beer. And he’s making progress. Steamworks beers have impressed the judges in many craft beer contests and continue to grow in popularity. Gershkovitch is a shrewd businessman that has become known for innovation and has built an effective business plan focused on improving his products and satisfying his growing customer base.

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Rough-Weather CEO: The Strategic Brilliance of Louis Chenevert

While Louis Chenevert’s towering 6’6″ frame is what most people first see, it’s the former CEO’s brilliant strategic planning that really stands out.

A Time for Brilliant Strategy

Anyone who lived through the dark days of the 2007-2008 financial crisis and following recession will remember the desperate measures many companies took to stay afloat; often sacrificing decency or the core values they were founded on. Not Louis, or the United Technologies Corporation that he helmed. When other companies were bleeding money and ethics, UTC took a counter-intuitive step: they spent more. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

United Technologies Corporation

Louis became Chairman of UTC in 2006 and CEO shortly thereafter. Instead of looking for ways to outsource production–as was and is very common–Louis moved all production to Connecticut. His reasons were sound: low-cost production resulted in low-quality products. By consolidating all UTC’s engineers and workers in one central locations, problems got solved faster and UTC’s employees felt cared about and gave their best in return.

Over Louis’ tenure as CEO, UTC flourished; the company stock price soared, they absorbed and acquired large rival firms, and the company prospered. At the height of his success Louis stepped down as CEO, surprising many. Rather than coast on a job well done, Louis rolled up his sleeves to little fanfare and moved on to the next thing. Read more at Bloomberg.

Retired, but Tireless

Semi-retired, Louis does some aerospace consulting work and devotes his life to his hobby: boating. With a lifetime’s experience of manufacturing and design to rely on, Louis is working on building “the perfect yacht.” His latest yacht, the Debbie Lou, showcases many of the customized features Louis insisted on, and the shipbuilding firm in charge of construction has already begun using his ideas in their other ships. Brilliance, it seems, transcends industry segmentation. But Louis already knows that. From a humble production manager to CEO of a multinational conglomeration, Louis Chenevert’s professional life has been one of superb strategic moves, one after another.

Waiakea Water Refreshes a Person’s Body and its Owner’s Bank Account

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is one of the best-selling water brands on the market today. This water source is cool and its refreshing. Once a person allows the cool fluid of Waiakea to flow from the bottle to their tongue and down into their body systems; they will understand why this water brand is very influential.

Waiakea has netted its owner a 4000% profit since it was first established as a brand. That profit margin is incredibly high. The Waiakea brand is such a hit because consumers like the way it replenishes their body. They also like Waiakea because of its eco-friendly stance. Visit to know more.

When this water brand is created it uses environmentally friendly practices which includes recycled bottle packaging and it uses a purification system that does not require a lot of resources or man-made products. This water remains pure from the purification and packaging processes.

Ryan Emmons founded this water brand back in 2012. He figured out the water source as it poured down the side of a Hawaiian volcano. This water source is naturally loaded with many important nutrients that help to give this water brand its health benefits and refreshing flavor. Read more about Waiakea Water on

Waiakea is sold throughout the United States. It is especially popular along the Pacific coastal regions. Other parts of the U.S. love it as well. Waiakea is even a big hit overseas. Emmons plans on marketing this product to other countries all over the world.

Waiakea also has a philanthropic division where it provides water to the people in some regions of Africa. Waiakea’s water is connected with a lot of different people, enterprises and organizations. All of these different connections and collaborations help the company to flourish and to be successful.

The future is bright for Waiakea Water. There is a market that adores this product. Plenty of people find it to be a refreshing brand and they enjoy drinking it whenever they get a chance. Ryan Emmons has made Waiakea one of the best bottled water sources in the world. It continues to thrive and grow as more consumers find out about the great benefits that it offers.

EOS Appeals to All Customers With Different Lip Balms

Recently, EOS has been the leader when it comes to lip balm. That’s because they changed the way that many view chapstick. They’ve created a unique product that is hydrating, tastes great, and is unlike any other chapstick that has come before them. That’s why they’re leaders in the business. EOS took a popular idea and made it even better. No longer do we have to rely on a lip balm that comes in a tube in basic flavors. EOS has made it so that there’s literally a product and flavor for everyone, no matter what their preference may be.

According to, EOS is taking things a step further to please their customers. They understand that everyone is different and cannot handle the same type of product. They’ve now introduced a line of vegan flavors to appeal to those who embrace that type of lifestyle. Their EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors are incredibly affordable especially in comparison to other vegan flavors, read review here on You can find flavors such as hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid. The flavors still come in the egg-shape that so many consumers recognize and love. The only difference aside is that this new line is clear, organic, and animal byproduct-free. Already, EOS has seen an overwhelmingly positive response to their new balm. Many people think it’s great that there’s a company that is listening to them and their needs.

Overall, EOS is a company that has always put the customer first. They’ve come up with different flavors throughout the years to appeal to the masses. These include flavors such as pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, blueberry acai, vanilla bliss, and more! Whether you live fruity or savory, there is a kind that will appeal to you. EOS also likes to come out with new products which is why they often introduce limited edition flavors depending on the season, shop here!

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Matthew Autterson Changed the Course for Bioscience Companies

When Matthew Autterson started being the CEO of CNS Bioscience, he knew what he would need to do to help people through the hard times they were going through. He also knew there would be different things that would make it easier for him to try to help people with the issues they were having. Thanks to Matthew Autterson, there have been many different ways he can work in the industry and he can change things for those who are a part of the industry. It has allowed him the chance to help the community and show his clients and employees what they can get from it.


For Matthew Autterson, there are different things that he has done that have all led back to him being successful with CNS Bioscience. He has learned the right way to do things and what will make everything work for him. He has also learned there will be different opportunities he can use to show people he is a successful part of the industry. As long as Matthew Autterson is giving back to the community, he feels he is doing the right thing for the business.


Everything that Matthew Autterson has done has led to him making the right choices and bringing the business to where it currently is. In addition, Matthew Autterson knows what it will take to give people what they are looking for. He knows there are different ways that he can show people what they need to get out of the company. For Matthew Autterson, there are different opportunities and new experiences they can benefit from as long as they are working toward a more positive future in the business. Bioscience is growing and getting better, but Matthew Autterson wants to be there for everything there is to offer in that type of community. As a supporter of the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for.


Thanks to the way that things work in the business, Matthew Autterson knows what it will take to give people what they are looking for. In fact, he knows it is going to be hard to actually continue working toward a more positive future, but he is prepared for it because he has spent so much time in the business. In addition, Matthew Autterson knows there will be different things he can try to make happen. It is what will allow him the chance to give his community what they are looking for no matter what they have to offer their patients. See This Page for more information.



Reno’s Josh Smith is an Entrepreneur with a Green Mission

Based in Reno, Nevada, Josh Smith has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 18 years. These include a wide assortment of product and service companies in technology, and health. His expertise includes logistics, manufacturing, regulations, imports, exports, and a wide range of areas. After facing a problem when he was trying to find a gardening solution, Josh, developed an idea for starting a business to create modular greenhouses. Home gardening is now more simple and productive as a direct result of the innovation. In addition to his interests in greenhouses, he is also passionate about 3D printing.
Recently, Josh Smith donated one of his greenhouses to High Desert Montessori School in Reno, Nevada. This gives the students and opportunity to learn about growing plants. The aim of the greenhouses is to help students avoid chemicals in their daily diets.

From Artist to Entrepreneur

Josh Smith began as an artist, but eventually became an inventor. This has meant that he has been able to put his ideas into practice. He developed a sense for the problems that made people’s lives more difficult, so he sought to solve them as an entrepreneur.

Wrote Problems and Innovated Around Them

Smith approaches problems by writing them down and creating a diagram around it. From this point, he turns the diagram into a product by reverse-engineering the idea. What also makes him unique as an entrepreneur is that Josh Smith cares about society as much as he cares about his job.

Multiple Products at Once

He also does multiple products at once, meaning he doesn’t have time for everything. But, this doesn’t come at a cost of his sense of his realism: he constantly advises other entrepreneurs to stay in touch with reality. But, he is also a big believer in encouraging others to pursue their ideas with all of their energy.

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Jeunesse Creates Holistic Health And Beauty Enhancement System

One of the most promising newcomers to the neutraceutical industry over the last decade has been Jeunesse Global. The company is the brainchild of health and beauty industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple, which had been independently wealthy for decades, was in the process of taking their third crack at retirement. Both Ray and Lewis became restless with the sedentary lifestyle of the retired. They started a small distributorship in their garage. That business grew into what, today, is Jeunesse Global.

With tens of thousands of distributors operating in dozens of countries across the globe, Jeunesse Global is one of the fastest-expanding neutraceutical companies anywhere. Its success can largely be attributed to the Jeunesse Global’s innovative product lineup.

Lewis herself could be properly considered the brains behind the operation. With decades of experience in new product development and the running and growing of corporate operations, Lewis was able to draw from her deep contacts of some of the best minds in the health and beauty research and development field. As a result, Jeunesse Global has created a lineup of products that are exclusive to that company, with some of the products being so unique that nothing similar can be bought through other channels.

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One example is the company’s energy drink. Known as Nevo, it is made from all-natural fruit juices and contains completely natural ingredients. There are no additives whatsoever. Nevo has proven to be enormously popular throughout Asia, where customers are often extremely conscious of not consuming artificial products, such as artificial sweeteners and processed sugars. Nevo is often described as being one of the best-tasting energy drinks on the market. It comes in four different flavors: peach mango, lemon ginger, mixed berry and acai grape. Its all-natural ingredients also mean that users report far less of a crash hour after consuming the drink.

Check out Jeunesse Global Fastest Growing Company Year for more information about the company.

Another highly innovative product is the Luminesce skin creme. Designed to restore vitality and promote a youthful glow, the creme has been scientifically proven in lab tests to reduce wrinkles and restore elasticity to the skin. It contains proprietary ingredients to which only Jeunesse Global hold the patents.

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George Soros Becomes One of the Biggest Philanthropists In History

Have you heard the news about George Soros? George has just given away a large portion of his wealth to charity. The amount adds up to eighteen billion dollars, which is a lot of money, even considering the wealth of George Soros. In fact, it will expand the organization he is donating money to into one of the largest in the world, the second to largest to be exact.

George is well known among philanthropic circles. He has become a national and international figure, not just for his wealth, but because of his massive donations. There is no doubt that he is one of the largest and most generous philanthropists in the world. Nobody doubts his kindness and goodwill. They know that he is giving all that money out of his concern for the plight of people who are suffering.

It is also well known that George has a reason behind his donations. He has a history that has caused him to become such a great philanthropist. George was born in Hungary. He suffered under the Nazis. It is well known that George had to flee Hungary when the communists took over. Although George does not talk about it a lot, everyone knows that he suffered a lot during his younger years. Because of that, he makes sure to help out other people, especially young people, who are in a situation that makes them suffer. He wants to promote the opposite of the regimes that he suffered under when he was a young man and child. He wants to make sure that everyone has a chance of living in a free and open society.

However, George is being persecuted for his good deeds. He is being demonized, simply for giving charity. According to The Atlantic, this is a problem within our society that is not limited to George Soros. People on both sides of the political aisle are being subjected to the hate from conspiracy theorists who start blaming them when things do not go their way. People are blaming Robert Mercer and the Koch brothers as well. On the other hand, the Atlantic says, right wing donors are indeed more likely to be involved in a web of conspiracies.

The demonization of philanthropy is something that should not be tolerated in a free and open society. Nobody should have to be subjected to ridicule and hate from politicians who see that a philanthropist is donating money to a cause that is just and good, even if it does not exactly fit in with the agenda that the politician is promoting. No, this is something we must all stand up against. According to the Atlantic, a lot has to do with the political divide that exists within our country. We are so quick to get frustrated about how things are working out that we are willing to start putting the blame where it doesn’t belong. This is a problem we all should start being introspective about.

Change things up a Little with the Vegan Crystal Lip Balm from EOS

How uninteresting does the idea of having to squeeze lip balm out of a tube sound today? Well, we all have EOS to thank for the great revolution that they have brought into the world of design of lip care products. The EOS lip balm has been retailing in all the major outlets in the country and many customers who have used their products believe that it is the best thing to ever happen to lip care. Well, the newest from the manufacturer is that they have launched a new lip balm variety which is retailing at only $5. This new flavor, the vegan crystal, is specifically meant for people that need mild and all natural products for their lips.

When we talk about all natural, it is from the fact that the new vegan crystal orb is made from a combination of natural oils including Avocado, Shea butter, Coconut, and even Sunflower oil. All natural also means that no preservatives or additives have been added to the lip balm. It is also important to note that the product does not contain wax, which not only makes it perfect for vegans, but also makes it ideal for vegans. The product is available in two distinct flavors, the Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach, refer also here at The second flavor is so amazing that it will make you feel like you are vacationing in the tropics. However, you do not have to pick one of the two because they are retailing at only $5, which means that you can easily have both of them so buy here!

Get a chance to know more about the product on

It is now clear to see that the evolution of smooth is becoming complete and that the care, that has been taken in the manufacturing process assures you that your lips will be soft, smooth and supple when you use the amazing product.

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Barbara Stokes’ Exceptional Leadership And Architectural Know-How

Barbara Stokes’ comments during the announcement to create new jobs in eight states was one of the epitome moments of the event. She stated that her company’s end goal in the endeavor was to improve the locals’ businesses and livelihoods by opening up jobs. Barbara was optimistic that he newly launched projects would eventually allow them to open up innovative home to more Americans. Her co CEO Scott Stokes added that the project would especially benefit the most suitable families in Texas.

Barbara and Scott Stokes run Green Structure Homes of Alabama, from its headquarter office in Huntsville, Alabama. The firm offers services to both private and federal clients after the occurrence of natural disasters such as a hurricane. They utilize high tech machinery to develop cutting-edge designs, manufacture unique tools and engineer the homes. The two co-CEOS are highly experienced architectural experts with over 30 years in the field. They manage to run Green Structure by fusing their technical know-how with seasoned leadership capabilities.

The new job announcement was a relief to victims of Hurricane Harvey in the eight states – Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. The employees will help Green Structures in creating new homes in all of those states. The project was made possible by a $28.5 million contract by FEMA to the company.

In Barbara’s three-decade career, she has had active involvement with planning, developing, installing and inspecting both residential and commercial buildings. She leads Green Structures to adapt an endearing business strategy to design, build and deliver exceptional construction of both modular and mobile facilities. Green Structures is majorly based in North America with clients who have high remarks for the firm’s staff.

After graduating from Mercer University with a degree in biomedical engineering in 2000, Barbara began working for Boeing Company in Georgia as the AOG manager. Prior to her graduation, Barbara was an active college student who held two jobs between 1996 and 1999, and one before commencing her tertiary education. She worked as a research assistant at the University of Alabama in 1990 and started the Pisces Corporation in 1991. In 1996, she worked for Muscular Dystrophy Association as an administrative assistant until 1999. Her interest in tech stemmed at an early age, with successful college projects involving IT in college. Barbara is highly inclined towards technology in her area of work, hence encourages innovation using innovative software and hardware.

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