One reason Beneful brand dog food is at the front of the pack when it comes to healthier food choices, they focus on the wellness of your dog over the bottom line. Look how your dog responds before and after eating their Beneful brand dog food and you will see first hand what is causing such a stir in this crowded market.

Open the bag of Beneful brand dog food and you see how your dog can not wait to get into those big chunks of chicken. That is because Beneful brand dog food uses grain-free meals with real farm-raised chicken in their Beneful dry dog food. Your dog can not eat it fast enough, as they are getting more than their daily allowance of 23 nutritional and essential vitamins and minerals.

Each bag of the Beneful brand dog food also has plenty of healthy vegetables like spinach and pumpkin, to name a few. There are no fillers in Beneful brand dog food, in fact, there is no gluten, no corn, or any wheat in the bag. Each bag of Beneful wet dog food is proudly produced by employees who feed their own pets the exact same food because th4ey see what goes into every bag.