Glenn Beck’s Dangerous Textbook

Have you ever heard of the book The Protocols of the Elders of Zion? If you are looking for a dangerous book, this is the one. Unlike other books that are often banned from communities because of accusations of witchcraft, sexuality, or political incorrectness, this book is dangerous because of what it does to the reader. In fact, it was a book like this that helped sow the seeds of the Holocaust. Unfortunately, the ideas in this book are also wrecking havoc in the modern world.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion argues that Jews are secretly planning to take over the world. Operating with nearly unlimited wealth, the book suggests Jews operate numerous shadows governments, and they hope to unite them all under a single government in the near future. If this sounds unbelievable, it should. However, the book uses a tactic to woo believers. As one commentator put it, the aim of the book is to “reveal official history as a joke, to demonstrate a sphere of secret influence of which the visible, traceable, and known historical reality was only the outward facade.” In other words, it created one of the first conspiracy theories of the modern world, and the perfect system to defend it. The real history is hidden, the theory suggests. If you don’t see the evidence, it is only because the perpetrators have covered their tracks so well. Such thinking is immune to logic and is downright dangerous.

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Glenn Beck, the heroic conservative commentator of the Tea Party movement, is terrifyingly using these same arguments and tactics. For starters, Beck uses the conspiracy argument constantly with his listeners. He suggests global warming is a hoax, and the science the government is using is part of the hoax. To a lesser degree, he and his cohorts have hinted Obama is a Muslim, and it is kept hidden by those in power. Perhaps one of the most insidious is that it is somehow possible to cut taxes and lower the deficit at the same time, an argument that bewilderingly suggests people in power have access to higher laws of mathematics.

It would be bad enough if Beck was just crafting conspiracy theories with the same logic as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Sadly, he is actually preaching the same odious conspiracy theory found within the book. Beck has suggested George Soros Nazi, a man of Jewish descent, is somehow one of the major players in a Jewish plot to control the world. Perhaps to make this idea more palatable, he suggests George Soros himself is anti-Semitic by helping to control the governments of poorer Jews. Beck seems to forget Soros was a survivor of the Holocaust himself, and Soros acted as a messenger to report German checkpoints in Budapest as a boy.

If this were just a type of professional wrestling on talk radio, it might just be a nuisance. But people really buy what Beck says. What are you doing to do to help stop him?

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