Town Residential on Combining NYC Rental Apartments


Many buyers of luxury NYC properties are figuring out how they can combine more than one unit to get the space that they want instead of living in an apartment. Buyers of these properties are younger and want to create their own living space, says Andrew S. Heberger, the owner of Town Residential real estate. A recent article in Mansion Global, also discussed this topic in-depth revealing that these new buyers also wanted the latest in home technology. They also want NYC properties located in an area where they currently enjoying working and hanging out, something Town Real Estate always targets as much.

There are several factors that you need to keep in mind when considering the new living space. Before you start, think about the floorplan for the new living space. If you do not create more functional living space, then you have just created higher maintenance bills without accomplishing your intended goal. It is wisest to keep entertainment areas separated from bedroom and bathroom areas.

If you are doing this on a budget, then think about where the two units are located. It is far cheaper and easier to combine units that sit side by side as opposed to units that sit one on top of the other. Creating easy access to different floors can be extremely expensive.

If you decide to go ahead with NYC properties containing a top unit and a bottom unit, then consider keeping all the pipes together. This helps avoid trouble down the road if a pipe busts.

Remember that remodeling can put a strain on everyone. Therefore, it is often best to live in a different place while you are remodeling the new one. If this is not possible, then make sure to give everyone their space. Nerves can become frayed easily during NYC properties remodeling.

Young ambitious people with money want more living space than they currently enjoy. It is important to choose an area where you want to spend the next few years. That way, the rewards of surviving a remodeling process will be more worthwhile.

If you need help finding NYC properties, then contact the professionals at Town Residential. They have over six years of experience in helping luxury buyers find the property that suits their needs the best. The company maintains 10 offices spread across New York City.