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Rough-Weather CEO: The Strategic Brilliance of Louis Chenevert

While Louis Chenevert’s towering 6’6″ frame is what most people first see, it’s the former CEO’s brilliant strategic planning that really stands out.

A Time for Brilliant Strategy

Anyone who lived through the dark days of the 2007-2008 financial crisis and following recession will remember the desperate measures many companies took to stay afloat; often sacrificing decency or the core values they were founded on. Not Louis, or the United Technologies Corporation that he helmed. When other companies were bleeding money and ethics, UTC took a counter-intuitive step: they spent more. Read more about Louis Chenevert at

United Technologies Corporation

Louis became Chairman of UTC in 2006 and CEO shortly thereafter. Instead of looking for ways to outsource production–as was and is very common–Louis moved all production to Connecticut. His reasons were sound: low-cost production resulted in low-quality products. By consolidating all UTC’s engineers and workers in one central locations, problems got solved faster and UTC’s employees felt cared about and gave their best in return.

Over Louis’ tenure as CEO, UTC flourished; the company stock price soared, they absorbed and acquired large rival firms, and the company prospered. At the height of his success Louis stepped down as CEO, surprising many. Rather than coast on a job well done, Louis rolled up his sleeves to little fanfare and moved on to the next thing. Read more at Bloomberg.

Retired, but Tireless

Semi-retired, Louis does some aerospace consulting work and devotes his life to his hobby: boating. With a lifetime’s experience of manufacturing and design to rely on, Louis is working on building “the perfect yacht.” His latest yacht, the Debbie Lou, showcases many of the customized features Louis insisted on, and the shipbuilding firm in charge of construction has already begun using his ideas in their other ships. Brilliance, it seems, transcends industry segmentation. But Louis already knows that. From a humble production manager to CEO of a multinational conglomeration, Louis Chenevert’s professional life has been one of superb strategic moves, one after another.

Matthew Autterson Changed the Course for Bioscience Companies

When Matthew Autterson started being the CEO of CNS Bioscience, he knew what he would need to do to help people through the hard times they were going through. He also knew there would be different things that would make it easier for him to try to help people with the issues they were having. Thanks to Matthew Autterson, there have been many different ways he can work in the industry and he can change things for those who are a part of the industry. It has allowed him the chance to help the community and show his clients and employees what they can get from it.


For Matthew Autterson, there are different things that he has done that have all led back to him being successful with CNS Bioscience. He has learned the right way to do things and what will make everything work for him. He has also learned there will be different opportunities he can use to show people he is a successful part of the industry. As long as Matthew Autterson is giving back to the community, he feels he is doing the right thing for the business.


Everything that Matthew Autterson has done has led to him making the right choices and bringing the business to where it currently is. In addition, Matthew Autterson knows what it will take to give people what they are looking for. He knows there are different ways that he can show people what they need to get out of the company. For Matthew Autterson, there are different opportunities and new experiences they can benefit from as long as they are working toward a more positive future in the business. Bioscience is growing and getting better, but Matthew Autterson wants to be there for everything there is to offer in that type of community. As a supporter of the Denver Zoo, Matthew Autterson knows what it takes to give people what they are looking for.


Thanks to the way that things work in the business, Matthew Autterson knows what it will take to give people what they are looking for. In fact, he knows it is going to be hard to actually continue working toward a more positive future, but he is prepared for it because he has spent so much time in the business. In addition, Matthew Autterson knows there will be different things he can try to make happen. It is what will allow him the chance to give his community what they are looking for no matter what they have to offer their patients. See This Page for more information.



Bob Reina: He Is Always Looking Out

Bob Reina is the type of individual that is always looking out for other people. In many ways, he puts the needs of others over his own needs, which shows the type of character and resolve he has as a human being. He is always thinking of others and ways to help them, make their lives better, and improve the quality of living for them. He knows one of the biggest things that people are unhappy about is their job. Their job causes them a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. They don’t really know how to deal with it and they don’t know how to fix it. It is not like they can talk to anyone about it. In most of these cases, their story winds up falling on deaf ears, which can be incredibly tough for someone to handle.


When someone finally does get the courage to speak up, say something, and do something, they want to know there is someone out there that is going to listen to them, be there for them, and help them through whatever is being thrown their way. At many companies, they have a my-way-or-the-highway approach. It is a big reason why Bob Reina decided to start up Talk Fusion. He knows there are a lot of good people out there working for a lot of bad bosses.


He knew if they were given the chance to be the boss and they were put in charge, things would be different for them and things would be better. They would not have to deal with a rude boss or deal with being talked down to all of the time. They could earn some respect and in turn, they would feel better about themselves. People have to remember that Bob Reina is a former police officer. He is very understanding of people and what they are going through, as he has seen a lot and done a lot.


Because of this, he is equipped with empathy, which is a missing trait in a number of people in society. Bob Reina truly cares and he backs it up. Learn more:

How Glen Wakeman is Changing Lives

Glen Wakeman is one of the most prominent individuals in the United States. The businessman is famed for his accomplishments as a mentor and philanthropist. His entrepreneurial spirit has played a crucial role in his career. The business revolutionary is passionate about helping other individuals in the society to achieve more in life. Glen Wakeman specializes in the development of M&A, the creation of new performance methodologies and guidance for start-up companies (NewsSky). In the year 2015, the celebrated coach decided to establish a company known as LaunchPad Holdings LCC, under his leadership, the company has been doing well, and it has changed the lives of many individuals.

Glen Wakeman has achieved so much in his career because of several reasons. First of all, he is well qualified, with an MBA in finance and economics. These educational qualifications were acquired from some of the best schools in the world. Before starting his company, Wakeman had served in several companies in different positions. These positions gave him a lot of expertise in different areas.

Glen Wakeman has made his name in the world for his five step performance methodology that focuses mostly on human capital, risk management, execution in business, leadership power and many other activities. Because he is an experienced investor and writer, Glen has been able to inspire and at the same time change the lives of people in the world. The people who have benefited mostly from him are those who need administrative strategies and fiscal economics. The businessman has a lot of expertise in the emerging markets; Glen has been offering help to the challenging situations facing the modern investors. Glen Wakeman is known for having a lot of knowledge in corporate management, and this has played a fundamental role in his career.

Because he has served in several leadership positions in the past, Glen Wakeman has all the knowledge the modern investor is looking for. After the financial crisis that took place several years ago, investors are looking for ways to make more money in markets that are safe. The businessman uses his skills to help investors to make the right decisions in their careers.

Anthony Petrello: The Philanthropic Leader

Anthony Petrello is filling in as the President and CEO of Nabors Industries. The gathering is one of the world’s biggest oil field penetrating and fix development contractual workers. It is situated in the Bermuda Islands with base camp in Houston, Texas. He is likewise the Chairman of the top managerial staff. He joined the organization in 1991 as the CEO and rose through the positions to the best position in 2012. He is accountable for vital arranging and operational direction at Nabors Industries.The firm works the world’s greatest land-based penetrating apparatuses and controls various seaward stages all through the world. Oil organizations get the organization to configuration, manufacture and keep up oil rigs. Anthony Petrello’s dynamic authority has been instrumental in the organization’s quick development. He is skilled at separating the organization’s procedures to prevail in an exceptionally focused industry. He likewise assumes a key part in arranging key organizations, for example, a joint effort with Saudi Aramco to extend the quantity of oil fixes under their control.

Anthony Petrello was the most generously compensated CEO in America in 2013 as per Associated Press and Equilar. He netted over $68 million in yearly pay in 2013. He is a dynamic donor and backings the Texas Children’s Hospital. In 2014, the organization actualized a pile of changes in their official compensation bundles. The progressions influenced Tony’s profit fundamentally. He dropped from the rundown of best paid managers that year.He is enthusiastic about quickening research on neurological disarranges in youngsters. He contributed over $7 million of every 2006 to Texas Children’s Hospital. His girl who experiences neurological issue moves his energy in giving.

The Institute is devoted to creating treatment choices for adolescence neurological disarranges, for example, a mental imbalance, cerebral paralysis, cerebrum damage, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy among others. Other than monetary help, he additionally contributes his opportunity to the healing center filling in as an individual from the leading group of trustees. Anthony Petrello went to Harvard Law School for his law degree and Yale University for an ace’s in arithmetic. He has broad involvement in corporate law, tax assessment, and global assertion. He is likewise a Director of Stewart and Stevenson and Hilcorp Energy.

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Talk Fusion Facilitates Rebranding of News Provider HuffPost

As news organization HuffPost continues its rebranding efforts, the video marketing firm Talk Fusion has emerged as a major influence in how HuffPost is reaching its readers through social media and other outlets.

The CEO and Founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, released two publications through HuffPost related to marketing online and how to effectively promoted a product or service in the new age of information technology. During the same time, HuffPost had officially changed from the Huffington Post to its current name. The news organization stresses its desire to tell the stories of those who do not often see the spotlight of the mainstream media. For Bob Reina, this statement has resonated with him and his ultimate mission for Talk Fusion.

As a contributor for HuffPost beginning in 2016, Reina has gained global acclaim for his content. The articles and videos released by Bob Reina cover various topics including marketing, current trends in technology, and strategizing for entrepreneurial endeavors. Both a business and philanthropist, Reina firmly believes in the importance of innovating and evolving along with the present-day media. These beliefs are integral in the effective partnership between HuffPost and Talk Fusion. Learn more:

Talk Fusion is the company behind the renowned Video Marketing Solution, an all-inclusive promotional strategy that has been dedicated to giving a unique branding to other businesses through innovative marketing techniques. The reported benefits of using Talk Fusion for marketing include customer retention, maximizing profits from sales, and adding a more dynamic touch to advertisements.

Talk Fusion was established in 2007 by its current Founder and CEO, Bob Reina. In addition to its business ventures, Talk Fusion also plays a part in donating to various charities around the world. The philanthropic and charitable efforts of the company are a reflection of its founder and foster a positive business model for other entrepreneurs. 

Talk Fusion operates in over 140 countries across the globe and works on a personal with businesses to improve their marketing skills. The company allows for a 30-day trial of its services for anyone who may be interested, which includes the Video Marketing Solution and other services. Learn more: