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Jed McCaleb Shows Where He Is Headed

As the founder of many technology startups, Jed McCaleb knows that the key to success is creating a product that fills a need that many people have. With his latest endeavor, Stellar, recognizes the financial needs of the unbanked. There are over 2.5 billion people in the world that either do not have access to a financial institution or choose not to. This is approximately half of the population, which is where McCaleb hopes Stellar can come in. McCaleb did an interview with ideamensch recently where he tells of his inspiration for Stellar and other projects he has been associated with.

Jed McCaleb helped to cofound the open sourced Stellar in order to serve the people who did not have access to banks but that wanted to exchange value. One example is a how a company in South Africa is using Stellar’s financial infrastructure to let young girls save money in airtime credits and exchange those credit for other items they wish to purchase. Prior to Stellar this was impossible to do in the developing world, which is where McCaleb sees Stellar doing a majority of its business. He also sees it being used all over the globe in the future as more and more people are finding banks to be a risky place to put their money.

Jed McCaleb is not new to this type of business, as his startup, Mt. Gox, was the very first online Bitcoin exchange. The success of Bitcoin is what prompted him to start the business, and it was a massive success. He also founded one of the largest file-sharing platforms in the early stages of the phenomenon, named eDonkey2000. He has had success in nearly every venture he was undertaken and none was as successful as Ripple, a block chain solution for people and businesses to transfer payments worldwide.

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AvaTrade Review: Safe and Valuable Standards of Operation For Investments

There are a lot of ways that AvaTrade leverages industry knowledge and techniques to create steadfast results for consumers. They have created a highly effective and safe platform that is able to create robust solutions on an ongoing basis. They have also ensured in several ways that user information is secure.

AvaTrade has been established since 2006. Their long standing reputation for online portfolio and investment management suggests that they come from experience and continue to provide expert solutions. Their user base has also grown significantly in this time due to the high quality nature of their services and implementation standards.

AvaTrade now processes more than two million transactions throughout the period of a month. They have two hundred thousand satisfied customers as well that come back to the platform on a regular basis. This large volume of trades in addition to their consistent attention to detail in service quality have made AvaTrade a high quality and reliable trading platform.

There are several ways that AvaTrade excels when it comes to creating robust online trading and investment strategies. They provide educational tips that advise new users to gain the best experiences. They have also contributed significantly to the way that project management takes place by creating technologies that are easy. Overall, there are a lot of ways that AvaTrade succeeds in the process of creating high quality stock trading solutions.

There are several ways that AvaTrade creates a reliable, safe, and effective system. There was a crash course offered by this organization as well, to help new users gain the best experience with online portfolio management. The ongoing tutorials and recommended resources are informative and have high quality results. They allow users to get a first hand impression of the way that trading can take place while empowering them with useful research and analysis tools. AvaTrade makes it easy to select stocks safely. The addition of cryptocurrency options makes AvaTrade further diversified because of the unique options it offers outside of the Forex market. Despite the multidimensional nature of security threats in the industry today, AvaTrade is a robust leader with effective solutions.

Quitting His Job was the Best Decision Mike Baur Ever Made

Mike Baur is the co-founder and executive chairman at the Swiss Startup Factory, a leading privately financed and independent startup accelerator. The Swiss businessman is largely credited for running the fundraising and financing rounds at the tech startup. Mike has become one of the foremost Swedish tech startup investors. He is a board member at various Swiss digital startups.


Mike Baur wasn’t always the successful entrepreneur and investor he is today however. His journey to becoming an important figure in the startup world in Switzerland is a bit interesting to say the least. The Wall Street Journal found it so interesting they featured him in an article in late 2016.


Mike Baur worked in the banking industry for over two decades. He was a finance prodigy, beginning his banking career at the young age of 16. The first job he ever had was working as an apprentice at the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). A hiring manager there was so impressed with his financial expertise he told Mike he would be at the top of the company in no time. And Mike Baur proved him right several times over working his way up from apprentice to executive board member. As a young man he was advising some of the richest individuals in the country on investment opportunities.


Mike was so successful at UBS that it was a shock when he left the institution in 2008 after working there for nearly 20 years. He went on to join Clariden Leu, a bank in Zurich. He quit in 2014 to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. The same year he founded strategic advisory boutique Think Reloaded.


Mike also had an itch to help others reach their goals and become successful. He decided the best way to scratch this itch was to assist tech startups headed by young entrepreneurs. This idea led to the founding of the Swiss Startup Factory. So in a nut shell Mike Baur quit his lucrative banking job and went on to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Switzerland.


Mike Baur possesses both an MBA and Executive MBA.


The Early Music of Cassio Audi

Heavy Metal music was one of the pioneers of the music scene during the decade of 1980. The bands started a head banging, equipment throwing phenomenon as it gained momentum with the fans. Cassio Audi was a Brazilian born musician that was inspired by the heavy metal bands, especially Iron Maiden. He formed a band with four of his friends and began his advent into the world of music. The group recorded their first album in 1987 with Cassio on the drums. He was an amazing drummer who also played other instruments. The band released their first album entitled The Killer Sword. It contained several tracks that became popular with the fans. Some of the tracks from the first album were re-recorded and released on their second album. This album with the song, Soldiers of Sunrise, brought them to the attention of more fans in Britain. It had been said that with a little more fine tuning, this band could have been one of the most famous bands in the Brazilian and the British cultures.

The band’s second album, Thearers of Fate, which featured Audi on the drums and became more popular than the first album. The band received a four star recognition from All Music for their recordings. Although Audi loved his music and his ability to play instruments, he saw a better future ahead of him. The fans were very disappointed when they found out that he was leaving the band and going to college to pursue a financial management career. Today the name of Cassio Audi is a well known name in the banking and financial industry. His early years in music was short lived. He went to college in 1989.

Betsy DeVos Brings Life to Broken Education System

Lot of people are going to be looking at what Betsy DeVos is doing. She is certainly becoming a force in the education arena because she is speaking her mind. I like that about Betsy DeVos. So many people that have held the position of Secretary of Education have simply sit back and let the education system continue to fall apart. I believe the Betsy DeVos is going to make a change and education for the better because she is actually addressing the issue.She is not sitting around and talking about how the education system is so great in America. To the country, Betsy DeVos has put every opportunity for to discussing how the education system is broken.She is talking about how the education system needs to be revamped entirely.

This is a real wake-up call for Americans, but I definitely think that this is something that needed to be heard. I don’t think that anybody else had the guts that Betsy DeVos had to truly say that education system is in need of repair and something needs to be done about it.The great thing about Betsy DeVos is that she is not someone that is sitting back and ranting about their education system. It is true that she has talked about how it needs to change, but what I like the most about Betsy DeVos is that she has actually put forth an effort to change it. She is not sitting in the background and trying to figure out a plan that may not even get implemented during the time she has this position.The great thing that she has done that made a lot of sense is create a plan before she even got into the position that she has as Secretary of Education.

She was already working on improving the education system with a lot of healthy donations to education. Now I believe that she has a better chance to implement better education because she was already involved in the act of improving education system anyway. I believe that anyone that wants a decent education will have the chance to get one if Betsy DeVos has her way. She is already making plans to open more charter schools, and this is something that shows that she is taking interest in what children are doing when it comes to the education process.I believe that a lot of people are going to appreciate the changes that Betsy DeVos is making. She has already stood her ground on charter schools, and I think that more of these schools will come into place under her leadership. I believe that she will make a real difference in education.

Glen Wakeman; a great leader in the making

Glen Wakeman is the co-founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings. Having graduated from University of Scranton with a BS in Economics and Finance in 1981. He also has an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1993. He progressively commenced his career working at GE capital. His experience and skills have seen revolutionize business with 17,000 staff and assets worth $15 billion culminating to major business success and developments. Mr. Wakeman applies his knowledge through his methodology that entails five sections namely: execution, governance, human capital, leadership and risk management. He is a successful business executive worldwide, an accomplished writer, investor and finally a mentor to many people around the globe.


Being a writer, he has shared his thoughts and skills through his blog posts. The posts rotate around fiscal matters, upcoming markets, strategy, administration and even management. He mentors various C-level executives. Start-ups like Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded are blessed to have him as their advisor. Glen Wakeman is thrilled by factors like growth, innovation and executive development. He is a master mind behind very many operations in more than 30 regions having resided in more than six different states. He has two decades worth of experience that has led to his recognition as a Growth Leadership role model by the Board of Directors of the company. He approximately made $3.38 million in 2013 which was eight times the presidents’ salary.


The 57-year-old guru could estimate his public assets to be about $39,917 USD and multiple investments in different states. Before CEO, he had been a 20-year expert of General Electronic Company with a robust experience in worldwide consumer money. While at GE Glen was the recipient of Champions of Development Honor for showing fineness in growth control. His career has led him through responsibilities in technology, operations, business development and even general management.


Kenneth Goodgame Faces the Future in Hardware

Kenneth Goodgame has worked as a leader in the operations management field. He has held executive positions with True Value Hardware, Truserv Corp., where he served as senior vice president and chief merchandising officer, and Ace Hardware, where he served as general merchandising manager.

Goodgame has dedicated his career to improving the balance in corporate alignments, to effectively handle employee engagement, to analyze costs and to search for ways to create savings and efficiency. His career has been marked by improving growth and handling negotiations for the betterment of all involved. His extensive experience gives him insights needed to analyze market shifts and the avoidance of costly mistakes.

His many years of experience working within the hardware industry represents a tremendous amount of knowledge acquired. He stands ready to assume the responsibility of another management positions in this or a related industry.

There has been a gigantic change in the hardware industry in the past 50 years. With the emergence of Home Depot and Lowes super stores, the old concept of a local hardware store has been revolutionized. These new giant stores, which serve double duty as both showroom and warehouses have helped to lower prices due to enormous buying volume and have welcomed residents to shop at their outlets just like others shop at the supermarket. Many homeowners and craftsmen have welcomed these superstores while some miss the valuable advice available at the smaller earlier type of hardware stores. What Kenneth Goodgame offered was a blueprint for success in these hardware superstores. His experience is valuable and should not go to waste.

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Raj Fernando “Provides Strength to the Foundation of the United States”

Raj Fernando was born on July 8, 1971, in Denmark. As a philanthropist, he generously supports many organizations in the United States, such as Wounded Warriors and Big Brothers, Big Sisters. His contributions touch hundreds of lives through several channels in various states, the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles and Illinois Holocaust Museum just to name a few. As a democrat supporter, he has donated a substantial amount of money to the Clinton Foundation.

Fernando has been a creative and productive fundraiser for Democratic candidates and their causes since 2003.
In 2011, his company Chopper Trading was the third largest fundraiser source for the Obama presidential campaign.

Mr. Fernando attended Beloit College in Wisconsin where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics and history. He currently resides in Chicago, IL.

As Chairman and CEO of and former CEO of Chopper Trading, Fernando has made significant contributions to the economy of the United States.

His company, serves as a platform for surveys which aid institutions and individuals in their research and data collection of strategic information important to various aspects of life. Interesting, because as a generous donor in the world of philanthropy there is no possible way to record or keep track of how many lives his contributions improve or have a profound positive effect upon.

The Jewish saying derived from the Mishna Pirkei Avot 1:2, “Deeds of giving are the very foundations of the world” perfectly describes the role of a philanthropist such as Raj Fernando. Hopefully, he will continue his hard work in technology and generous support of the democratic candidates for many years to come.

Highland Capital’s James Dondero Announces The Appointment Of Linda Owen As Director Of The Dallas Foundation

Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based investment firm that manages assets all over the world. With offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and New York, the company is able to react quickly. CEO James Dondero takes advantage of investment opportunities in emerging markets and in countries that are just beginning to come alive economically. Highland Capital manages more than $16 billion in assets around the world, and the firm donates more than $3 million a year to nonprofit organizations through the Dallas Foundation. Jim Dondero, one of the co-founders of Highland Capital, recently announced the appointment of Linda Owen as director of the Dallas Foundation.

Owen is well-known in Dallas and in the non-profit world. Linda is the former president of the Real Estate Council in the city, and she is a past president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Dondero wanted Owen on the executive team because she will be able to identify new organizations that need help as well as maintain a healthy relationship with organizations like the Dallas Zoo, The American Heart Association, Uplift Education, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and Snowball Express.

Dondero will still be involved in the decision-making process along with Mark Okada and other Highland Capital executives that donate their time and money to help the community. But Dondero and the other executives have several other challenges to face in 2016 and beyond. The hedge fund industry is not performing as well as some investors expected in 2016, and the forecast for 2017 isn’t much better. New government regulations, as well as the economic and political changes that are taking place around the globe, are making it hard for hedge funds to produce returns that equal or better the returns from value stocks and bonds.

But in spite of the challenges, Jim Dondero has made some excellent investments in 2016. The Highland Capital hedge fund is performing better than the average 3% that most hedge funds are returning. Dondero told that Highland Capital’s charitable contributions should increase in 2016, and Linda Owen will be the person that puts that money to good use.

Eric Pulier is of Immeasurable Success

I am not sure how one could measure success. I have heard numerous sayings about the measure of a successful person. However, I am quite certain that when talking about measuring success, Eric Pulier would be completely off of the charts somewhere! I am just amazed reading about all of the accomplishments he has had in his lifetime. Eric started programming computers in the 4th grade! He is also a Harvard graduate who went on to found and co-found numerous companies. Eric has had the chance to work with Bill Clinton and Al Gore on the “Bridge to the 21st Century.” These are all amazing accomplishments, and would in itself make for many great articles. However, as wonderful as all of this is, it is Eric’s philanthropy work that really caught my eye. Eric has focused his philanthropy work in the area of technology further helping with healthcare.

Pulier has helped people with Multiple Sclerosis learn about their disease from educational programs. He has also helped bring technical innovation to Africa to help with their health care needs. He is also a donor of the ACE Foundation, and the Campaign for Free College Tuition. Eric Pulier is also a donor for the XPRIZE Foundation. Eric is also a board member of the Painted Turtle, who’s main focus is a summer camp for children who are faced with life-threatening and chronic illnesses. Also, Eric has donated to the Starlight Foundation for a social media world that Pulier designed and built, known as Starbright World. Starbright World offers a place online where children who are suffering from chronic illnesses can post, chat, and meet other children who are also suffering from chronic illnesses.

As I stated before, I am not sure how to measure success. However, everything that I have read about Eric Pulier has lead me to believe that the ones who should be measuring his success are those that he has helped through his technology and dedication. For the child who finally feels like someone else relates, or the MS sufferer who is starting to understand their disease, Eric Pulier is of immeasurable success.

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