Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics Usher in New Wave of Innovation

For countless individuals across the world, a cancer diagnosis wrenches their world to pieces, forcing them to contend with one of the most prolific killers of our species while uncertain about the best course of action to take. Though certainly frightening and devastating beyond imagine, those living with cancer are not alone in their fight. Untold numbers of researchers, doctors, and scientists have dedicated their lives to finding a way to finally cure cancer. Though as the cure eludes researchers at the present time, focus on finding new and more effective ways to fight the disease have taken the forefront for many individuals looking to change the lives of every person living with a positive diagnosis.

Clay Siegall and Seattle Genetics is Pushing Innovation To New Heights

The stakes at risk are often paid in the terms of people’s lives and financial security which underscores the dire need for innovation in the way cancer is treated. Until curable, innovative and effective treatments are all that sand between those living with cancer and a healthy return to their previous lives.

One man leading the charge towards finally finding a way to topple cancer’s reign as a devastating disease and relinquish it to the same annulus as polio has been responsible for surges of advancements and innovations at the company he helms. Clay Siegall, CEO of Seattle Genetics, has taken the company to new levels with an expansion of focus on finding new ways to utilize much of the propriety medicine created by the company and outreach programs to bring life-saving treatments to the doctors fighting cancer on the front lines.

Clay Siegall Speaks Out

The writers at the news blog were able to sit down with the CEO of Seattle Genetics for a candid talk about what has driven Clay Siegall to push Seattle Genetics, and cancer treatment as a whole, to the levels it has reached. The entire piece, which is available on their blog, providing much-needed insight into the life of one of the most influential leaders in the industry.

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