Three Way Communications With ClassDojo

One of the biggest challenges teachers has today is a three-way communication between themselves, the students and the parents. It is paramount to have this line open, ultimately to benefit the student. There has, unfortunately, been a breakdown in this communication over the years due to the increasingly busy lifestyle of parents. When both parents of a student are working full time, it makes it hard to take time out for the schooling needs of their children.

As a marketer of educational tools, it is very important to keep this mind. The needs of a teacher are what administrators tap into when buying supplies for them for the coming school year. What also needs to be implemented into your strategies is how modern technology can help fill this need. As each year passes there are more of these tools available to schools that help increasingly in the communications of everyone involved in the education of children.

One such tool that ClassDojo offers is an app that allows parents real time access to the classroom. You can see what goes on, the teachers’ methods of teaching and how your child interacts and learns. This puts more a picture behind the grade. Parents can see exactly how their child earned that grade in that classroom. This helps them know what classes they will excel at in the years to come.

This app also allows the teacher to turn on a “quiet” mode when they should not be communicating with parents. Tools such as these can help with face-to-face communications, parent–teacher conferences for example, as they will not have to spend as much time discussing the details of a classroom’s activities. They already witnessed those activities via the tool available to them.

This is just one example out of many others how ClassDojo keeps evolving with the needs of administrators, teachers and parents.