OSI Group Enjoys Growth With Superior Service

You probably don’t know it, but many times that you’ve enjoyed a tasty meal out at a restaurant or something you picked up at the store, OSI Group was behind it. OSI is one of the largest food production companies in the world, and they have a reputation for safety and quality in their food.

OSI boasts clients ranging from Starbucks, to Pizza Hut, to McDonald’s, to Subway, and more. The $6.1 billion company has achieved massive growth and success thanks to their motto of innovating food solutions with passion and creativity. The CEO Sheldon Lavin says they always seek to understand their markets before creating something custom for them.

And when it comes to custom foods, they have a lot of decisions to make. After all, they provide a variety of options like beef, pork, fish, dough, and vegetables. What OSI does is conduct a lot of research about a market and find out what they want. If natural and organic produce is the right answer then they’ll go with that. Otherwise, customers in that area may just want to enjoy a quick bite without spending too much. And for OSI, their customer base is almost the entire world.

OSI has a presence in over 18 countries and employs 20,000 people. Having been around for 100 years, it knows how to deliver solutions that keep customers coming back for more. They also recognize the value of protecting the safety and quality of their food. That’s why the group often has new technology like x-ray machines in their factories across the globe to prevent foreign objects from making their way into the food. What’s more, they have won numerous awards for their food safety and health practices.

Obviously, the company must be profitable to operate and service their customers, but it isn’t just the money that they care about. They are active in charitable organizations. They give back to Ronald McDonald House and Feed America, just to name a few.

Thanks to their dedication for producing top quality food productions and solutions, giving consumers what they want, and providing for the community, they have grown immensely. Now, the company is looking to expand in Europe using the same strategies they did in Asia. They’ve purchased Boho foods out of the Netherlands, which also does operations in Germany and provides food to 18 countries. In addition, OSI bought Flagship Europe and even an American facility in Chicago for $7.4 million.

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