Eric Pulier: More Than An Entrepreneur

Not too many people can hold the titles of being an entrepreneur, a columnist, an author, a technologist, a public speaker and a philanthropist. Eric Pulier is one of the most successful impactful entrepreneurs this world has ever seen. It all started in fourth-grade when he began programming computers. From there, in 1984 his fascination and passion for computers drove him to create a database computer company. Pulier has always taken education very seriously. Therefore, it was only right that after graduating high school in 1984, continued his studies at Harvard University. While at Harvard, Eric Pulier wrote regularly for the Harvard Crimson. In his beginning as a journalist, he explored numerous topics with a sharp insight and a sense of humor. In 1988, he graduated Harvard University with his B. A in English and American literature.

During 1991, Pulier moved to Los Angeles and founded People Doing Things. People Doing Things primary focus was on offering technological innovations in healthcare and education sectors. Three years later, he founded Digital Digital Evolution. Currently, he has founded, co-founded or founded 15 different companies including multiple venture-backed companies. What is even more impressive than his ability to manage and create these companies is his ability to raise millions for his companies. His notable actions were recognized by former President Bill Clinton. Pulier was selected by former President Bill Clinton to initiate the “Bridge to the 21st Century”. The members of the congress, senate and the US Supreme Court personally attended this event along with local residents.

Furthermore, Pulier always focused his life on helping people who are less fortunate including impaired children. As an active participant in the philanthropic community, he continually devotes his time and resources into solving intractable problems. During his early years, he created a program to teach people with Multiple Sclerosis about their disease for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Pulier continues to strive for change. In addition, he is known as the founding donor of the ACE Foundation. This foundation is dedicated to fundamentally reshaping how software is built and applied to humanity’s challenges. He is also a financial donor in the “Campaign for Free College Tuition”. The desire for free tuition has increased over the last several years. CFCT goal is that all Americans are provided with free tuition. There aren’t too many entrepreneurs that resume is as diverse and long as Eric Pulier. He is the embodies the definition of one of a kind.

About Eric Pulier: