Fabletics Has Always Been Ahead Of Its Competition

There are few brands that have managed to move so fast on the path to popularity. Fabletics is one of them. A major reason for this can be the fact that it was launched at the right time.


Basically, the brand was launched when the young generation was completely in the grip of the fitness revolution. They realized how important it was to remain fit in order to lead a long and healthy life.


Primarily, this was the upwardly mobile young population that was thinking this way. Fabletics grasped this fact quickly. Hence they launched this brand for the fitness freaks. They could understand that people wanted to work out, but they wanted to look fashionable too. After all, they had reached a stage in life where they could afford to buy quality workout gear that was comfortable and trendy too.


This was when Kate Hudson was roped in. She became the face of this brand. People could identify with her very easily. She is a celebrity as well as a fit person. In addition, she has won her credentials.


Kate does not support any brand just because she is getting paid for it. People know that she will support only those brands that appeal to her. Hence whatever she says is listened to, and treated with respect.


If Kate Hudson says that Fabletics offers clothes that are of good quality, it would be true. This is why people can easily imagine Kate in the gym wearing Fabletics clothes. She would even be running around and playing with her kids, while wearing these clothes. Hence just the name of Kate is enough. People have a lot of faith in her. The same is reflected in the growing popularity of this brand.


The brand is based on a unique marketing model. There are physical stores as well as an online site available for shopping. This is because the brand believes in the benefits of both these ways of marketing their apparel. They realize that many people are still more comfortable to touch, feel and see the item before they buy it. Whether this is true or not is not the question here. The point being made here is that Fabletics tries to keep the customer first. Rather than trying to change their shopping habits, they would like to give them exactly what they want. Hence they are planning to open more stores all across the US. They feel that there is a local connect in case there is a physical store nearby.


But this does not mean that the brand has ignored its online customers. The same kind of treatment is being meted out to all the visitors.


The brand has a membership model. The store is not trying to sell as soon as a customer walks in, whether in their store or online. They try to make them members. Now various benefits of this membership are shared with them. This is a unique approach. But it has already brought in the results in a big way!