The Early Music of Cassio Audi

Heavy Metal music was one of the pioneers of the music scene during the decade of 1980. The bands started a head banging, equipment throwing phenomenon as it gained momentum with the fans. Cassio Audi was a Brazilian born musician that was inspired by the heavy metal bands, especially Iron Maiden. He formed a band with four of his friends and began his advent into the world of music. The group recorded their first album in 1987 with Cassio on the drums. He was an amazing drummer who also played other instruments. The band released their first album entitled The Killer Sword. It contained several tracks that became popular with the fans. Some of the tracks from the first album were re-recorded and released on their second album. This album with the song, Soldiers of Sunrise, brought them to the attention of more fans in Britain. It had been said that with a little more fine tuning, this band could have been one of the most famous bands in the Brazilian and the British cultures.

The band’s second album, Thearers of Fate, which featured Audi on the drums and became more popular than the first album. The band received a four star recognition from All Music for their recordings. Although Audi loved his music and his ability to play instruments, he saw a better future ahead of him. The fans were very disappointed when they found out that he was leaving the band and going to college to pursue a financial management career. Today the name of Cassio Audi is a well known name in the banking and financial industry. His early years in music was short lived. He went to college in 1989.