OSI Group Taking Charge of the Food Industry

OSI Group is a company that buys and possess the shares for vegetable and meat and products. The company service lots of food and retail service industries and its one of the largest companies privately owned in America. OSI was in the top 100 companies of food in the U.S. This is not a surprise because OSI is trustworthy and efficient. The always give their customers custom food options and will provide them with global flavor knowledge and culinary expertise that is excellent.

OSI has a commitment to sustainability that is strong. It’s quality assurance, and food safety hasn’t been surpassed. When you are working with OSI, you always know that you will be able to trust all their products. The company is always exploring innovative ideas and solutions, and it believes in acting with honesty in every capacity. The OSI Group, Aurora, Ill., purchased Flagship Europe from the company Flagship Food Group, in Denver, Colorado. Flagship Europe is a company that supplies pies, sous vide, products, and frozen poultry in addition to dressing, sauces, mayonnaise to the United Kingdom foodservice market. Their Facebook Page.

Russell Maddock, who is Flagship Europe’s chief executive said that the move of OSI acquiring Flagship Europe was a progressive development of the company because the resources will increase, the access to global markets and new clients as part of the OSI Group. He continued saying that their position in the marketplace will be strong, their proposition will improve and create new opportunities that will make the company serve their customers in a better way and support their already business that is successful. David McDonald, who is the president and chief operating officer of OSI said that the move they made of adding Flagship to their business of OSI Europe is giving OSI Group a broader presence in Europe.