FreedomPop – The Latest in Mobile Carrier Providers

Staying connected to the world around us has gone from a luxury to very quickly becoming a necessity for everything from business to entertainment. From the unlimited to the very limited and all the confusion in between, choosing which provider offers the best solutions for your connectivity needs can be a difficult task to manage. So where to start?

As part of the most recent trend in data and mobile phone availability, the newest one can actually benefit the customer. For many years, we have grown accustomed to a handful of major players that have only ever offered a few plans which may or may not fit into your lifestyle. Having to choose amongst pricing, coverage, and usage allotted monthly, there wasn’t always a perfect fit. Today, there is a new option for customers – a free one.

FreedomPop is a wireless Internet and mobile phone service provider that offers customers something unseen previously. As part of its service, FreedomPop provides free mobile services including free data, text, and voice. In addition to service, it also gives you a choice to either buy or put a deposit on mobile phones, tablets, and broadband devices to use along with the service. What’s the catch? None at all. Read more:

Upon signing up for services with FreedomPop, customers are given various options to choose from for the amount of data and minutes needed, the first of which carries the company’s driving force. The free option consists of 500MB of free, 500 texts, and 200 minutes data every month. From there, the plans begin to have a dollar sign – a small one at least. Ranging from $9.99 for 1GB to $59.99 for 10GB, there are various paid options for all kinds of users. You may think that this is where they get you – they slap a price tag on and become just like every other retailer, but no other carrier offers any free options. Enough said.

What about signal quality? The service is offered in many areas across the country. The more populated, metropolitan areas are more likely to offer a better signal than rural areas, but signal is available nonetheless. Choosing FreedomPop may boil down to your location and signal strength so checking coverage in that area should be your first to-do. If coverage is available where you would need it, what do you have to lose? Not money, that’s for sure. Read this review of FreedomPop to learn more.