A voice from all

Based in the US in 2007, Avaaz is a progressive non-governmental organization that strives to ensure global peace, rights for animals, humans and the Earth by empowering activism to protect the world. This includes calling for citizens of the world to take action on global, regional and national issues. All of these efforts are in a constant endeavor to diminish the gap between the world at hand and the ideal world everyone wants to live in.

The word Avaaz, or âvâz in Persian, means “voice” or “song.” The name conveys that the voice of one can have a life-changing impact if multiplied. The internet gives almost everyone a voice of their own as well as the power to organize and combine the collective force to create a meaningful impact on issues such as corruption, poverty and climate change.

The Avaaz network has an outreach of 6 continents and thousands of volunteers. They sign petitions, collect funding for campaigns, organize events and protests and much more. They reach people in more than 15 languages and 195 countries. These members have taken over 300 million actions since their launch in 2007. They are of all ages, races, careers and cultures. However, one core value that unites them all is a commitment to bettering the world.

Some impressive victories that have been achieved are The Paris Climate Accord, saving a free and open internet for all, creating massive marine reserves and forcing Monsanto to abandon their plant in Argentina. In Paris, members got together to form a march on climate change where 1.5 million marched. This included cabinet ministers and world leaders in a profound example of how unity creates change in small and big ways. The months that followed were filled with lobbying governments to accept the clean energy goal. The most important outcome was the persuasion of the G7 summit to state their intent to move the world off of fossil fuels. To know more about Avaaz click here.

It is changes like these that give hope for a better world, not just on the screens of our computers.