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Barbara Stokes’ Exceptional Leadership And Architectural Know-How

Barbara Stokes’ comments during the announcement to create new jobs in eight states was one of the epitome moments of the event. She stated that her company’s end goal in the endeavor was to improve the locals’ businesses and livelihoods by opening up jobs. Barbara was optimistic that he newly launched projects would eventually allow them to open up innovative home to more Americans. Her co CEO Scott Stokes added that the project would especially benefit the most suitable families in Texas.

Barbara and Scott Stokes run Green Structure Homes of Alabama, from its headquarter office in Huntsville, Alabama. The firm offers services to both private and federal clients after the occurrence of natural disasters such as a hurricane. They utilize high tech machinery to develop cutting-edge designs, manufacture unique tools and engineer the homes. The two co-CEOS are highly experienced architectural experts with over 30 years in the field. They manage to run Green Structure by fusing their technical know-how with seasoned leadership capabilities.

The new job announcement was a relief to victims of Hurricane Harvey in the eight states – Texas, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Florida, Alabama and Louisiana. The employees will help Green Structures in creating new homes in all of those states. The project was made possible by a $28.5 million contract by FEMA to the company.

In Barbara’s three-decade career, she has had active involvement with planning, developing, installing and inspecting both residential and commercial buildings. She leads Green Structures to adapt an endearing business strategy to design, build and deliver exceptional construction of both modular and mobile facilities. Green Structures is majorly based in North America with clients who have high remarks for the firm’s staff.

After graduating from Mercer University with a degree in biomedical engineering in 2000, Barbara began working for Boeing Company in Georgia as the AOG manager. Prior to her graduation, Barbara was an active college student who held two jobs between 1996 and 1999, and one before commencing her tertiary education. She worked as a research assistant at the University of Alabama in 1990 and started the Pisces Corporation in 1991. In 1996, she worked for Muscular Dystrophy Association as an administrative assistant until 1999. Her interest in tech stemmed at an early age, with successful college projects involving IT in college. Barbara is highly inclined towards technology in her area of work, hence encourages innovation using innovative software and hardware.

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Lifeline Screening: Preparing For The Tests That Could Save Your Life

Advances in modern medicine make it easier than ever before to be preemptive when it comes to our health. Lifeline Screening is one of the leading providers of preventative health screenings in the United States and the United Kingdom. Lifeline Screening offers painless ultrasound, EKG and blood panels that are vital when it comes to detecting life-threatening diseases before they become detrimental to one’s health.

Carotid Artery Screening

Carotid artery screenings use ultrasound technology to measure plaque buildup in arteries. Plaque buildup is the leading cause of strokes. Patients should wear short sleeve shirts that are open at the collar. Turtlenecks should not be worn.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

An abdominal aortic aneurysm happens when the lower part of the aorta weakens or bulges. The screening process involves an ultrasound that detects aneurysms which could lead to a ruptured aortic artery. Comfortable, two-piece outfits should be worn to the screening. Patients will be required to fast for the four hours leading up to the procedure. Any meals eaten prior to the fasting period should be light. Doctors recommend eating half of what a patient would normally consume per meal. A half cup of coffee or tea is permissible during the fasting period.

Atrial Fibrillation Screening

A simple Electrocardiogram can detect an irregular heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat can raise the risk of a stroke but as much as five times. Patients should wear a loose-fitting, two-piece outfit. Watches and cellphone should be left at home, and pantyhose should not be worn. Patients should also refrain from wearing moisturizers on their skin.

Bone mineral Density Screening

Detecting osteoporosis early is vital to protecting bone health. Lifeline Screening takes a measurement of the heel bone to determine bone mass density with use of ultrasound technology. Patients should not wear pantyhose the day of the screening.

Type Two Diabetes Screening

Prediabetes and type two diabetes can both be diagnosed from the results of a glucose blood test. Patients will be required to fast for eight hours prior to the appointment.

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The Osteo Relief Institute Seeks New Ways Of Handling Arthritis Pain

The problems caused by osteoarthritis can be painful and damaging to the body as millions of U.S. citizens are affected by this degenerative illness that is caused by a breaking down of the cartilage between the joints of the body. There are over 100 forms of arthritis currently known of, but the most common are osteoarthritis which can be defined as a break down of cartilage and soft tissue between the bones causing swelling and pain for the individual.

It is important to remember there are some common causes of arthritis in the U.S., including family history, age, excessive weight, and injuries that can cause many different problems. It is important to make lifestyle changes in the view of the experts as the Osteo Relief Institute that can include a change of diet and a regular exercise plan allowing the individual the chance to relieve the pain they feel from osteoarthritis.


Headquartered in New Jersey, the Osteo Relief Institute has grown from its humble origins to offer locations across the U.S. were a combination of physicians and physical therapists work together in a bid to ease the pain and discomfort felt when osteoarthritis is flaring.


One of the problems identified by the Osteo Relief Institute has been the pace at which most surgeons move their patients to surgical options in the 21st century, a pace which the team at the Osteo Relief Institute is too fast; the Osteo Relief Institute attempts to change the lifestyle of the individual in a bid to delay the use of surgery for as long as possible.


Physical therapists play a major role in the work of the Osteo Relief Institute as exercise is an important part of the work of the medical group who feel a patient needs to take control of their own treatment and play an active role in maintaining their own level of fitness (


The work of the Osteo Relief Institute is completed in plain English in a bid to make sure each and every patient understands exactly what is affecting them and allows them to play a major part in the development of their own treatment plan.

Dr. AviWeisfogel is Concerned About a Very Serious Health Crisis: Sleep Apnea

Dr. AviWeisfogel is very concerned about a very serious health issue–that being Sleep Apnea. What has Dr. Weisfogel, concerned, most of all, is that the condition goes undiagnosed ninety-percent of the time. The statistic has Dr. Weisfogel commenting that the system, of properly diagnosing Sleep Apnea, is seriously flawed. Dr. Weisfogel’s remedy is to make use of his popular Dental Sleep Masters’ program.

Dr. Weisfogel developed the program. The program is designed so the healthcare provider can add a sleep component to an existing Dental practice, or in way of a Physician’s office. He shows the healthcare community, by way of the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program, how to properly identify sufferers of the condition. When a patient is identified, Avi Weisfogel provides the healthcare provider with a remedy, in way of a simple oral appliance–one that provides the Physician and Dental Practitioner, alike, with a very favorable ninety-percent client retention rate–a rate that is nearly unheard of as it applies to other types of treatment.

The healthcare provider provides his community with a much needed service. He, too, is pleased in attaining an additional stream of income to his business.

The condition when going undiagnosed can lead to more serious illness such as heart disease and stroke. The preceding is why many Cardiac Specialists have made use of the Dental Sleep Masters’ Program. The appliance makes it possible for the sufferer to attain much needed oxygen, to his air passageway, while sleeping. The preceding is necessary since Sleep Apnea causes a temporary halt in breathing while the sufferer is sleeping.

Everyone can rest assured–when putting the very favorable Dental Sleep Masters’ Program to work: “no pun intended.”

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A Review Of USHEALTH Group’s Success in Offering Innovative Insurance Products

USHEALTH Group, which is located in Fort Worth, Texas, is known for offering innovative Life, Specified Disease/Sickness, Accident and Disability Insurance services. Notably, the company caters for families, self-employed individuals, employees and owners of small businesses. Through its subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group has managed to render its services to over 15 million clients. The corporation has been offering its individually tailored plans for over 50 years.

The company understands that each client has different needs. USHEALTH Group believes that customers value the various options that they provide them, as they seek to choose the protection that appeal to them. This way, the company’s professionals have developed innovative coverage that seeks to enhance customer choice. Their unique product designs are geared towards addressing each client’s need for reliability, affordability and flexibility in their insurance selections.

USHEALTH Group family insurance services seek to provide customers with first dollar benefits and adequate network discounts across different providers. In addition, USHEALTH Group’s family of companies offers affordable plans. Irrespective of consumers’ health coverage option, the company aids the customers in enhancing their protection through their full line of ancillary products. These products include specified disease/sickness, income protector, vision and dental plans, short term accident disability income, critical illness cover, and term life insurance.

USHEALTH Group insurance companies enhance their competitive advantage by developing lasting relationships with the clients, thus making the corporation a trusted partner that delivers on its mandate of dependability. The insurance industry is characterized by low customer loyalty and high client turnover. USHEALTH Advisors, the group’s wholly-owned subsidiary, offers specified disease/sickness, life and supplemental products. This agency guarantees clients of having an exceptional buying experience, which is provided by a trusted and licensed agent of USHEALTH Advisors. Such an individual meet specified certification standards and product training requirements before being allowed to represent the company’s products. The National Foundation Life Insurance Company and Freedom Life Insurance Company of America are the underwriters of the company’s products. Click here to know more.

The group’s commitment to attending to the personal needs of their clients has made USHEALTH Advisors to be a renowned leader for customer care, innovation and business growth around the globe. Every day, both USHEALTH Advisors and USHEALTH Group are receiving different clients seeking to secure insurance coverage that will address their needs. Notably, all the subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group comprehends that each customer is unique and that a one-size-fits-all strategy may not be appropriate for all clients’ needs. When clients choose their plan, the corporation enhances their decision using their exceptional claim processing approach and award-winning customer service.

A renowned North American Call Center ranked USHEALTH Group, Inc. as one of the elite corporations in America in terms of customer service. Their average payment cycles and claim processing have given them a competitive edge in the insurance industry. Better Business Bureau earned the company a rating of A+ for its stellar reputation in customer care.