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What Makes Dr. Walden Standout

When it comes to health, we all want the best for our families. It is even more critical when we are dealing with our appearance. Getting a trusted and reliable plastic surgeon can be a hard task. It is almost impossible to check into a doctors background before allowing them to treat you. However, there is good news for the residents of Austin Texas. Dr. Jennifeer Walden is in town.

After years of a successful career as a plastic surgeon in NewYork City, Dr. Walden has decided to move back to her hometown and opened up a personal practice.Dr. Walden is certified by the America Board Of Plastic Surgery and has been practicing surgery for eight years now.

What Makes Dr. Walden Standout.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews was brought up and educated in Austin Texas. She attended the University of Texas Medica Branch. She went through an aesthetic surgery fellowship at Manhattan eye, ear and throat hospital in NewYork. After her fellowship, Dr. Walden has had a successful career in plastic surgery with none of her clients filing any complaints or any reported failures in her surgical procedures. If you are going to have someone determine how you look, then Dr. Walden is the best choice. Following her accomplishments as a medical Surgeon, Dr. Walden has been named by the Texas Monthly as a reputable and dedicated doctor. Click here to know more.

Dr. Waldens Acomplishments

Dr. Walden has had many personal accomplishments after graduating from Texas University. While working at the Manhattan eye, ear and throat hospital, Dr. Walden was appointed the vice Commissioner of the Board of Directors for The American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Dr. Walden is also a member of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic surgery. Dr. Walden has also co-Authored the book Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Currently, Dr. Walden runs her own practice with her office at Westlake medical center. Her person practice is fully accredited, and her services are exceptional.

In Safe Hands With Dr. Jennifer Walden

Sometimes when people are looking at one or the other review of a plastic surgeon, they don’t know what to think. Here is a story that might change your mind. If surgery is the way to go, the professionalism and experience of the surgeon are necessary. Reputation can be more important than any review.

Story Worth Reading About

Plastic surgery has been around for centuries. The opinions about plastic surgeons are very different. Dr. Jennifer Walden is a seasoned professional in the field. It is worth knowing her name if you want to learn more in the field.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews comes from Texas, and medical profession runs in the family. Her mother is a nurse in a surgery and her father – a dentist. After attending High School, she graduated with a Biology degree. Dr. Walden headed to the medical school. The University of Texas was her choice, and she graduated as a salutatorian.

After the residency years, a fellowship followed. Afterward, Dr. Walden worked in aesthetic surgery at the Manhattan Eye until the end of her fellowship. Dr. Jennifer Walden spent seven and a half years in New York. She took part in the research of silicone breast implants. After the review of research, silicone breast implants were reintroduced to plastic surgery.

Work that Helps OthersDr. Walden opened her private practice in Texas after her twin boys were born. She was also a spokeswoman for ASAPS talking about plastic surgery. Her patients and colleagues recognize her professionalism and passion for the field. It is also the way she treats every single patient that makes her one of the best plastic surgeons in the business.

Dr. Walden is not afraid to take risks and introduce new technology in her field of expertise. She uses 3-D Vectra technology to help patients see how they will look after the surgery. She works as a consultant for Venus Concept and other companies. Her experience and advice help develop new methods for plastic surgery. To know more about him click here.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Deemed Best

Harper’s Bazaar magazine reported that while such noninvasive methods as skin peels, Botox, “skin-smoothing lasers”, and other such “wrinkle erasers” are still gaining popularity, and are regularly performed by plastic and cosmetic surgeons, surgical procedures are reported to still be “the gold standard” when people want to have a much younger face or body. The publication noted that nearly 1.6 million plastic surgery procedures were performed back in 2012. According to their data, the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed are:

Breast augmentation

Nose reshaping

Eyelid surgery



The magazine also released an abbreviated roster of some of the U.S. physicians who perform these popular procedures. Doctor Jennifer Lee Walden is featured on that roster. Indeed, the Texas-based physician, who trained with doctors in New York State, reportedly has a “waiting list” for several different facial and body procedures including labiaplasty.

Why are people waiting for Walden? Perhaps it has to do with her background. Walden is more than a plastic surgeon.

She is also a media commentator, an academic, and, more importantly, the founder of her own private cosmetic surgery practice and ambulatory surgery center (Jennifer L. Walden, M.D., PLLC & Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center, PLLC), situated in Austin, Texas and Marble Falls, Texas. She began her career, however, in New York’s Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. Walden has appeared on numerous television programs including ABC News, Dr 90210, E!, Fox News, and VH1. Instagram Photos.

Walden’s resume is also highlighted by her being named to Harper’s Bazaar’s 2014 list of “24 Best Beauty Surgeons” and being included as one of American Way’s “The Best Plastic Surgeons in America” (2015) list. She is also well-known for her utilization of a 3-D imaging technology referred to as Vectra which forms a patient’s look before plastic surgery.