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George Soros Philanthropist with a Great Vision for Tomorrow

George Soros is a man who stood like a pillar behind Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Election in 2016. He provided financial and management support to Hillary and spent close to $30 million in her presidential election. Even though Hillary Clinton lost the election, George Soros didn’t stop and continued to fight for the causes he has stood for long. George Soros continues to fund the protests and movements that raise his voices against the policies of the Donald Trump’s administration and learn more about George Soros.

George Soros believes that a fair and just government is what the United States needs right now, and not the one that would create a more significant divide among its people, which he believes is what the Donald Trump’s administration would end up doing due to their rightist policies. George Soros thinks that the policies laid down by Donald Trump would trample the causes he has been fighting for and would slow down the country’s social and economic growth majorly in the time to come and more information click here.

George Soros, even when he is in the late eighties, is highly active in the political sphere of the United States and backs the Democratic leaders and senators who are voicing their protest against the many offbeat policies that the Donald Trump administration wants to implement. George Soros has lost millions in his political funding over the years when trying to stop Obama from his re-election bid and during the George Bush’s election campaign as well and what George Soros knows. However, persistent as he is, George Soros continued to move ahead, with or without political patronage to speak up against the government policies that he believes needs to be restructured. He even spoke about the problems that were manifesting themselves into the United States’ society and making deep inroads, which includes racial disparity, justice bias, immigrant atrocities and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

George Soros has enormous wealth that he has amassed over the years that helps him continue supporting the causes he believes in. It is due to this consistency in fighting against the people who stand in his way that he is often abhorred by the people on the right side of the political spectrum. He is an active man who has lived through the horrors of Nazi’s occupation of his homeland and has witnessed the killings of his fellow Jews from his own eyes, and thus, is not a man to give up easily. If there are concerns he feels that needs to be addressed, he would without thinking twice. It is why George Soros often speaks up for the LGBTI community and the marginalized community in the United States. George Soros even supports the education of hundreds and thousands of students to equip them with the power of knowledge and to build a better tomorrow for themselves and their communities and Follow his

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George Soros Planned New Help for Campaigns

Since George Soros is a liberal and has always been working toward a liberal agenda, it is no surprise that he was supportive of the Clinton campaign in 2016. In fact, he donated more than any other donor and made sure that he was doing everything that he could to raise the money that Clinton needed if she wanted to win. George Soros supported her, backed her and tried to make sure that his money would be able to make a difference. For the campaign to be able to work, he had to make sure that he was donating a lot of money and that meant drawing attention back onto himself. He tried to ensure that he was donating money, that he was helping with campaign ideas and that he was coming out of the figurative hiding that he was in according to Politico. George Soros nailed everything that he was doing.

It takes a huge sum of money to be able to run a successful campaign and George Soros knows this. He has helped with several different ones and has made sure that he can do everything to help the people who are campaigning. He also tries to ensure that he is doing everything the right way so that others will be able to get more out of the political opportunities that they have. George Soros used a lot of the money that he had, but it was not something that affected him since he is a billionaire. Learn more about his profile at

The campaign that Clinton used during her fight for the presidential title was something that would cater to people of all different backgrounds. George Soros knows this and knows the right way to run a campaign. He is sure that education is the answer to all of the problems that are happening in the world and that has made it easier for him to try different things. George Soros does what he can to help people and has always made sure that he is helping others with the issues that they might be having. By promoting the educational experience, George Soros made sure that the campaign was going to be successful for Clinton.

George Soros wasn’t actually in hiding, but he did take some time to himself after some major political setbacks in the past. One of the things that he did was make more money. He invested a lot of the money that he already had and it turned around to make him even more money. He planned on using that money to support the campaign and to give Clinton the things that she needed to be able to be successful. It was the experience that would be the catalyst for change course for George Soros. Read his profile at Business Insider.

End Citizens United: Fighting for Democracy

End Citizens United, launched in 2015 was a significant player in the 2016 American Presidential elections. The PAC contributed a lot of money in support of the Democratic Party candidates.


It was the assumption of many that the PAC would support the Republicans. However, due to the nature of their business, End Citizens United offered support for the Democratic candidates. The organization was supporting candidates who believed in their mission.


End Citizens United is a traditional PAC. That means that they cannot accept contribution above $ 5,000 from the individual donations.


Why the End Citizens United was formed


In 2010, the Supreme Court reversed the bipartisan law that prohibited ‘soft money’ in the presidential elections. With the introduction of the new law, the billionaires in the United States had the opportunity of using the money to buy or influence the elections. That meant that there would be no transparency and accountability from the leaders. It was for that reason that the End Citizens United was formed; to reverse the Supreme Court ruling made in favor of the Citizens United. That was where the PAC got its name.


In 2016, the PAC had the goal of raising $25 million in support of the Democratic Presidential Candidate Hilary Clinton and other candidates too. The organization also wanted to collect signatures to compel the Congress to reverse the Supreme Court ruling.


Many people highly criticized the move of having the Congress amend the constitution. The mission was a pipe dream considering that there has never been a Constitution amendment since 1992. Even though their dream seems unachievable, the PAC efforts have not gone unnoticed. End Citizens United has managed to raise awareness about the Supreme Court.


The Organization has partnered with the Grassroots activists to educate people on the ruling and its effects to the American Democracy.


End Citizens United seeks to support candidates who are passionate about the financial reforms.


Current plans


End Citizens United has managed to raise money to support their agenda. The PAC managed to raise approximately $4 million by March 2017. Their goal is to raise $35 million by 2018 for the Midterm Congress elections. The primary purpose of the campaign is to elect reform champions to the Congress.


According to the PAC President, the Democrats were furious after President Donald Trump won the elections. The party seeks to fight back against the reforms that the President seeks to impact in the constitution. They also want to fight against the nominees that have been proposed to the different cabinet position including the Supreme Court nomination. End Citizens United has an agenda of electing candidates who seek to fight the Trump’s nominees and agendas.