I was hacked by a cyber attacker!!

Companies, governments and individuals are all starting to have an increasing amount of damage. Cyber attacks are seeming to be the cause for most of it. 2017 is a great example to use for cyber attacks. During the attack in 2017 about 300,000 computers and other digital software happened to of got hit in 150 different countries. The attack came to be known as the biggest cyber attack of its kind. Organizations had to take fast action to the threats by incoporating strict cyber security measures.


Each year the attacks on cyber security keeps increasing. The cost of cyber crimes between 2013-2015 had fallen between $400-$500 billion. This means that the cost of cyber security attacks had quadrupled in the 3 year period. I didn’t think that I could fit into this statistic until I was hacked. I am now a victim of cyber attacks.


Rubica is known for being a private network and has teams of elite cyber experts that helps provide you will the best digital security. They have become very sophisticated and are really easy to use. The progam operates in the backgroundand only sends you an alert when you are needed. You can rest assure that you have the best online safety and privacy with Rubica. To help reassure you of your security, the program has cyber experts from the top security organizations such as: NSA, US Navy and Scotland yard.

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