White Shark Media’s Success In The Management Of AdWords

White Shark Media ranks as one of the largest digital marketing agencies in the globe. To date, they have successfully managed over $36 million in ads. The company has also sent over 300,000 emails and 35,000 reports. White Shark Media simplifies the process of evaluating AdWords.

It is important to note that AdWords certified specialists undertake the evaluations through the join.me platform. During the evaluation process, clients are able to see and follow all what the specialist is saying and doing through the screen. Read more: https://www.facebook.com/WhiteSharkMedia/

The specialists explain every detail as they walk you through the procedures of evaluation. At the end of the evaluation process, you may hire White Shark Media to administer your campaign or you may implement what you learnt from the specialist yourself.

In addition to AdWords management, White Shark Media offers clients with search engine optimization and search engine marketing. With these services, clients are in a position to enhance traffic to their websites and augment their search engine rankings.

Within five years, White Shark Media has moved from being a small agency firm to a renowned authority in the industry. Their record of accomplishment speaks for itself. The company has helped one of their clients register $ 1.5 million in sales.

How White Shark Media deals with Complaints

The company receives compliments from many clients. In the same breadth, the company also makes mistakes. In the past, White Shark Media had set up reporting procedures that were not doing justice to small business owners, as they could not review the company’s reports.

Based on consumer complaints, the company sought to enhance its communication and support clients through explaining to them about the dos and don’ts of their new campaigns. Read more: http://advertise.bingads.microsoft.com/en-us/training-accreditation-find-a-pro-directory?companyid=4313

The company received complaints regarding clients’ frustration with accessing their contact person. To this end, White Shark Media decided to use the Go To Meeting, which is a conference tool that facilitates communication between the company and the client on the issues pertaining to AdWords account.

In addition, the company simplified the process of ensuring that clients access their contact persons by facilitating direct extensions or calls.