Securus Press Release Highlights Misdeads of Global-Tel

Securus Technologies is a Dallas, Texas based company that provides technology and communications solutions to correctional institutions, and police officers. They have recently released a series of press releases which highlights some of the disturbing practices that Global-Tel has committed against inmates and their families. Securus is releasing this information in good faith, in an attempt to shame Global-Tel into business practices that have more integrity.

The first press release details some of the information that was detailed in a 17 page document about an investigation into Global-Tel by the Louisiana Public Service Commission.

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There were four main violations discovered by the Louisiana Public Service Commission. These were adding small time increments to the end of calls that would not be detected in an attempt to artificially inflate the cost of phone calls, double and triple billing customers for phone calls, charging rates that were higher than current tariffs would allow, and artificial charges with no discernible explanation. All told, these violations cost taxpayers close to 1,243,000 over the period that they were under investigation.

The investigation is dated from 1998, and while this was over 18 years ago, Securus alleges that many of these practices are still in effect. Global-tel still overcharges inmates families and friends and has shown no signs of remorse or plans of stopping.

Securus is technology and Communications Company that provides services to correctional facilities and police forces across the country. They have over 1,000 employees split between their headquarters in Dallas, Texas, and their three smaller branches. Two of the branches are in Texas, and one is in Atlanta, GA. The company supplies a wide range of services including telephone services and money order services for inmates, correctional facilities, and criminal justice departments across the country. They have over 3,000 satisfied clients and are constantly adding more.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.