Skout is the New Social Networking App Creating Buzz

These days more and more people are meeting via their mobile devices. It is no longer considered to be taboo to meet strangers online in pursuit of friendship, professional networking, or romantic relations. Since the development of mobile apps, it is not only common to meet people this way, it is expected. Skout, a new mobile iOs app allows users just one more way to connect online. It is designed for people to meet one another and be able to socialize while exchanging pictures.

The main screen of the app offers a gallery of profile pictures of other users that are currently online. by selecting any one of the pictures it will bring users to that person’s full profile which includes more pictures and information about them. At that point, it is possible to start a conversation by chatting with them or simply extend a flirtatious “wink”. Users can also add the other member to their “favorites” list for easy navigation to their page or “block” them, in order to prevent them from being able to contact them. If users are interested in meeting strangers completely at random, they can utilize the “shake” feature, which will allow them to be matched with and start a conversation with a random user.

The app does include many activities that will require that its users pay for in the app’s currency of “points”. Points can be added to a user’s account by making a direct purchase or they can be earned through participating in advertisement engagements and interactions which help to draw income to the app. The points can then be used on a variety of features such as checking to see who has viewed your profile or to send a gift to another user.

According to a review by the Social Times, the app works fairly well overall. However, there is little that is proprietary or unique about the interface and overall format of the app itself. Others like Facebook, Tinder, and Instagram all offer a platform for people to meet each other at random and exchange pictures while chatting, playing games, or sending gifts. The only difference is that Skout essentially requires users to invest their money into using the app if they do not wish to participate in the advertisement engagements. For more information about Skout or to download it you can visit the app store and read reviews from other users that have already joined the Skout community.

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