ClassDojo has become an important tool in the school’s and has helped turn a classroom into a community. The application is a revolution in regards to helping involve the students and parents with the projects of the teacher. It is no wonder that the product has grown in popularity since its creation in 2011. More and more teachers are using this tool and seeing great success with the results.

ClassDojo is a tool that keeps all parties involved in the communication process. The children, the parents or guardians and of course the teacher. If there are any issues then it can quickly be communicated with ClassDojo and the parties involved can work together to better the situation. The teacher can quickly note and send a message and quickly return to the task at hand with minimal interruption for the students. It doesn’t work one way – the student is made aware and so are his or her guardians. The parents can easily respond with any questions or concerns too.

ClassDojo is based on encouraging positive behavior. It creates teamwork among the children as they are encouraged to work as a team. The reward comes in a focus of Dojopoints. These are points that are earned with the application (input by the teacher) and allows the students to exchange them for rewards. The parents are able to view their progress too on a cell phone, tablet or computer browser very easily. The apps are easily downloadable for both the iPhone (ios) and the Android platforms. Teachers can award points for participation, good behavior, helping other students and much more.

ClassDojo is an excellent resource in showing pictures and videos of projects going on in the class to help keep all parties involved in the learning process too. The benefits go far beyond that. To view more about ClassDojo check out the site and see what benefits it could have for you and your student today.