ClassDojo is the leading platform for bringing teachers, students, and their parents together in the classroom. Since first launching back in 2011, ClassDojo has been helping teachers and parents connect better with their kids. This special program also allows its users to send pictures, videos, and messages instantly, to share classroom moments that are special. Parents are able to stay up to date on events and holidays that are upcoming at their child’s school as well through the app.

One of ClassDojo’s finest aspects is its ability to build more positive environments around school and its communities. Students are able to become more engaged and receive encouragement, enabling them to progress and learn more effectively with confidence in their abilities.

Parents and students are both able to see feedback and notes based on things that need to be done, given by teachers. Teachers will no longer have to send their student home to their parents with notes, they can instead send a message directly through the ClassDojo program. This is a big incentive on children to not act out or try to hide their behavior. ClassDojo is an excellent communication tool for teachers to use for sending positive and productive messages at any time.

One of the keys to success when it comes to how well students learn in the classroom, is how strong the communication is. With ClassDojo, it has never been easier to communicate. The impressive platform has grown to be used by every 1 in 2 classrooms in the US every single day. This program is very helpful for busy parents, regardless if it’s work or errand related, this way they can always stay connected with their child and their teachers.

As the technology continues to become more advanced over time, is clear that ClassDojo and programs like it are here to stay, and will only continue to grow and evolve. The app is highly compatible with a range of devices and is completely secure on the internet. All uses will have an easy go as ClassDojo has been designed to be easy to use. ClassDojo is always aiming for positivity and encouragement, this was the inspiration behind sharing special classroom moments through the app.

Currently, ClassDojo has no downsides or strings attached to use the program, and it is completely free for all users. Over the coming years, ClassDojo will be committed to improving the school communities through better communication and more engaging classrooms.


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