Before, the most familiar Key Performance Indicator (KPI) was measuring the expected performance for transportation sectors when visibility solutions first got obtainable. The score card in each sector was reviewed. On-time performance was mainly used to measure ocean and air carriers. On the contrary, rail carriers measured and reported their performance as scheduled departures. Additionally, service type was used as a measure of performance for motor carriers. Companies infrequently looked at the performance of multimode or multi-leg shipments ( Currently, we have the best practice key performance indicators; those which extend the regulatory, financial, and physical features of the supply chain.


Moreover, in the present world, more data has been made obtainable to shippers. The data is technology-enabled by the internet of things, and the rapid evolution of GPS data sets and real-time tracking of trading partners operating globally through mobile solutions. Until now, many organizations still barely define carrier performance. While evaluating a company’s supply chain performance opportunity, best practice key performance indicator today focuses on metrics across trading partners rather than just paying attention to the performance of the operations of certain carriers which are isolated. Evaluating the KPI of big data requires a data quality management program and an evaluation criterion for the dataset.

Edisoft manages the supply chain performance for distributors and manufacturers with up-to-date Enterprise resource planning (ERP) integrated with Electronic Data Interchange. Moreover, the ERP used by Edisoft is also integrated with Shipping and Warehouse Automation solutions. The software solutions provided by Edisoft are modular, flexible, fully configurable, and scalable, solving a number of challenges experienced by manufacturers and distributors in the supply chain. Additionally, Edisoft software solutions lead to measurable developments in staff productivity and in ERP order automation and integration. Moreover, the software solutions provided by Edisoft are aimed at improving reporting for distributors and manufacturers looking forward to attaining a competitive benefit with their Omni-Channel Business Model. The solutions also better the compliancy and data for company’s intelligence.

Edisoft provides software solutions such as Merchant QuikPAK™, Edisoft Merchant™, and Merchant XChange™. Further, Edisoft also provides multiple software connectors that provide solutions ranging from Shipping to Bin Racking. The company operates internationally as a software solutions service provider to partners and clients based in the United States of America and in Canada.