Eli Gershkovitch is the founder of Steamworks Brew Pub. Mr. Gershkovitch was actually a successful attorney with a lucrative practice in Canada. However, he always had an interest in making his own brew. Eli Gershkovitch traveled extensively through Europe visiting pubs and breweries. This seemed to fuel his interest even more and he began to toy with the idea of opening up a brewery.


About 20 years ago while Eli Gershkovitch had a growing law practice in Vancouver, he began doing his own research into the Craft Brewery business. One thing led to another and he decided to open his own brewery within the Gastown section of Vancouver.


*Dream becomes reality:


Some felt Eli Gershkovitch should not open his own brewery however, he went with his instinct and decided to start the business (Westender). One thing that Gershkovitch learned about the building he decided to lease was that it had a unique steam heat system. This system was quite rare and no one really knew much about a steam heat system.


The steam heat system could be used to create steam brewing. This kind of brewing certainly gave beer a unique and different taste. In 1995, Gershkovitch finally opened his own brewery. Steamworks Brew Pub opened with 6 flavors of beer on tap.

After years of hard work, Eli Gershkovitch has one of the largest and most successful breweries Burnaby. The brewery was moved from the original location once the business began to flourish.


Steamworks Brew Pub has become a household name. Eli Gershkovitch has no doubt the business was a success due to the fact that he still an improved steam heat system when producing his beer. His secret is out in the open. However, no other brewery has managed to produce a beer that has the unique and pleasant taste that Gershkovitch created over two decades ago.


*Educational Background:


Eli Gershkovitch obtained a law degree from the University of Toronto. He did practice law quite successfully for about 5 years. However, once his dream of opening a brewery became a reality he abandoned his practice and any hopes of practicing law in the future.

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