Recently, EOS has been the leader when it comes to lip balm. That’s because they changed the way that many view chapstick. They’ve created a unique product that is hydrating, tastes great, and is unlike any other chapstick that has come before them. That’s why they’re leaders in the business. EOS took a popular idea and made it even better. No longer do we have to rely on a lip balm that comes in a tube in basic flavors. EOS has made it so that there’s literally a product and flavor for everyone, no matter what their preference may be.

According to, EOS is taking things a step further to please their customers. They understand that everyone is different and cannot handle the same type of product. They’ve now introduced a line of vegan flavors to appeal to those who embrace that type of lifestyle. Their EOS Vegan Crystal Flavors are incredibly affordable especially in comparison to other vegan flavors, read review here on You can find flavors such as hibiscus peach and vanilla orchid. The flavors still come in the egg-shape that so many consumers recognize and love. The only difference aside is that this new line is clear, organic, and animal byproduct-free. Already, EOS has seen an overwhelmingly positive response to their new balm. Many people think it’s great that there’s a company that is listening to them and their needs.

Overall, EOS is a company that has always put the customer first. They’ve come up with different flavors throughout the years to appeal to the masses. These include flavors such as pomegranate raspberry, summer fruit, blueberry acai, vanilla bliss, and more! Whether you live fruity or savory, there is a kind that will appeal to you. EOS also likes to come out with new products which is why they often introduce limited edition flavors depending on the season, shop here!

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