A buzz circulating around the lip balm market is all the hype for EOS lip balm lovers. The talk circulating around is all about the new EOS lip balm in a crystal style. The totally new vegan option has people talking about enjoying the new brand that is lacking some ingredients that animal lovers didn’t approve of.

The fans of EOS were pleased with new addition to the collection only partly due to the removal of a certain ingredient but also because the shape changed ever so slightly and the change to the brand has many shoppers looking to buy the new brand of EOS.

If shoppers were asked about what they know about EOS, most of the shoppers will tell you about the round sphere that houses the lip balm. Most shoppers will tell you about standing in line at the checkout counter and coming across the spheres, wondering what they are. There is more to the lip balm than just the shape of the lip balm.

The lip balm industry has proven to be in need of new lip balms once the EOS brand came onto the market. The Evolution of Smooth brand was the first to step out making lip balms that were not inside of a tube. The shoppers enjoyed the new shape and new formula of lip balm. The new brand had users dying to sample the rest of the collections.

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For users who have enjoyed EOS for years are the ones who are talking about the headlines being made by EOS with the new crystal collection, see also blogwebpedia.com. Shoppers were already pleased with the brand before they made the changes to the new style. The new collection has lovers falling for it because of the organic materials used in the making of the lip balm along with the fact that the formula is crystal clear.

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