The EOS brand is a brand that is known for using only the best ingredients in each of the products that they create, and their lip balms are no exception. The ingredients that they use to flavor their lip balms help the products to have a taste that is fresh and perfect. The EOS brand has many fruit flavor options for those who enjoy that kind of taste on their lips, and they have done a great job with flavoring each of those lip balms.

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Strawberry Sorbet is one of the lip balm options that EOS has put out, and it is something that allows a person to get a sweet and special experience on their lips. It has a dessert-like taste for those who are looking to try something new when it comes to their lip balm, purchase here.

Summer Fruit is one of the EOS lip balm flavors that is loved by many. This lip balm features a mix of fruit flavors, including strawberry and peach, available here at It is something that is fresh and delicious on the lips, and it is a great lip balm option for the summertime.

EOS creates products that can be loved by anyone who enjoys flavorful lip balms. They have offered up many fruit-flavored options through the years.

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