Have you heard the news about George Soros? George has just given away a large portion of his wealth to charity. The amount adds up to eighteen billion dollars, which is a lot of money, even considering the wealth of George Soros. In fact, it will expand the organization he is donating money to into one of the largest in the world, the second to largest to be exact.

George is well known among philanthropic circles. He has become a national and international figure, not just for his wealth, but because of his massive donations. There is no doubt that he is one of the largest and most generous philanthropists in the world. Nobody doubts his kindness and goodwill. They know that he is giving all that money out of his concern for the plight of people who are suffering.

It is also well known that George has a reason behind his donations. He has a history that has caused him to become such a great philanthropist. George was born in Hungary. He suffered under the Nazis. It is well known that George had to flee Hungary when the communists took over. Although George does not talk about it a lot, everyone knows that he suffered a lot during his younger years. Because of that, he makes sure to help out other people, especially young people, who are in a situation that makes them suffer. He wants to promote the opposite of the regimes that he suffered under when he was a young man and child. He wants to make sure that everyone has a chance of living in a free and open society.

However, George is being persecuted for his good deeds. He is being demonized, simply for giving charity. According to The Atlantic, this is a problem within our society that is not limited to George Soros. People on both sides of the political aisle are being subjected to the hate from conspiracy theorists who start blaming them when things do not go their way. People are blaming Robert Mercer and the Koch brothers as well. On the other hand, the Atlantic says, right wing donors are indeed more likely to be involved in a web of conspiracies.

The demonization of philanthropy is something that should not be tolerated in a free and open society. Nobody should have to be subjected to ridicule and hate from politicians who see that a philanthropist is donating money to a cause that is just and good, even if it does not exactly fit in with the agenda that the politician is promoting. No, this is something we must all stand up against. According to the Atlantic, a lot has to do with the political divide that exists within our country. We are so quick to get frustrated about how things are working out that we are willing to start putting the blame where it doesn’t belong. This is a problem we all should start being introspective about.