Alternative credit management firm Highland Capital is one of the world’s largest investment managing companies that use unique strategies to help clients become successful investors. The expert advisors that make up the company are focused on developing a trusting and lasting business relationship with aspiring entrepreneurs who are in need of their mentoring services, and they provide instructional materials and motivation through an online class called Trading Academy, which is focused on helping people understand how to use the best strategies for investing.

Highland Capital specializes in using strategic planning for credit accounts like hedge funds, fixed income, mutual funds, separate accounts and collaterized loan obligations, or CLOs. The firm was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, who both have over three decades of investment experience. The CEO of the company is Steve Wishnia, who was also a founding member and has been a part of the financial industry for over 45 years, having earned a business degree from Pace University in New York City. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the business also has offices in New York, Brazil, Singapore and Seoul. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

There are nearly 200 employees that are responsible for maintaining the quality and professionalism of the independently owned venture capital firm, which has raised more than $3 billion since it’s been in operation. The advisors at Highland Capital pride themselves on keeping with the high standards that are expected of them, and their philosophy when it comes to investing is to use the team approach, which means that they believe that working together in a partnership is what will bring about the best results. Read more at

The alternative investment business was previously known as Protective Asset Management Company before being renamed Highland Capital, and it is referred to as an RIA, or Registered Investment Advisor. The company believes in including their clients in the investment process and building strong partnerships with them, and they teach them that becoming a successful investor requires patience and dedication, as well as having a curious and open mind, and the ability to see things from more than just one point of view.