Highland Capital Management is a Dallas-based investment firm that manages assets all over the world. With offices in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and New York, the company is able to react quickly. CEO James Dondero takes advantage of investment opportunities in emerging markets and in countries that are just beginning to come alive economically. Highland Capital manages more than $16 billion in assets around the world, and the firm donates more than $3 million a year to nonprofit organizations through the Dallas Foundation. Jim Dondero, one of the co-founders of Highland Capital, recently announced the appointment of Linda Owen as director of the Dallas Foundation.

Owen is well-known in Dallas and in the non-profit world. Linda is the former president of the Real Estate Council in the city, and she is a past president of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. Dondero wanted Owen on the executive team because she will be able to identify new organizations that need help as well as maintain a healthy relationship with organizations like the Dallas Zoo, The American Heart Association, Uplift Education, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and Snowball Express.

Dondero will still be involved in the decision-making process along with Mark Okada and other Highland Capital executives that donate their time and money to help the community. But Dondero and the other executives have several other challenges to face in 2016 and beyond. The hedge fund industry is not performing as well as some investors expected in 2016, and the forecast for 2017 isn’t much better. New government regulations, as well as the economic and political changes that are taking place around the globe, are making it hard for hedge funds to produce returns that equal or better the returns from value stocks and bonds.

But in spite of the challenges, Jim Dondero has made some excellent investments in 2016. The Highland Capital hedge fund is performing better than the average 3% that most hedge funds are returning. Dondero told businesswire.com that Highland Capital’s charitable contributions should increase in 2016, and Linda Owen will be the person that puts that money to good use.