Before the internet, people had to really hunt for an item before they found it. The only thing that could help them were catalogs. However, the amount of information on catalogs was limited. Then with internet came the search engines. However, even search engines were limited in how they can help people find the items that they were looking for. There are many cases where put in the exact description of the item and they still are unable to find it on the search engines. The only option that is left at this point is often that of surrender. Fortunately, there is a new alternative in the form of visual search.

Visual search is the solution that retailers and customers need. It is every bit as simple as it is revolutionary. It is easy for users of this type of technology to get the information they need about a product. This helps them decide whether or not they want the product. This also helps them find something similar.

One good example of image recognition technology is Slyce. Slyce is one of the best examples of visual search because it works with 3D technology. There are three ways to get the information that is needed. One way to get information about a product is by scanning the QR code. Another way to get the information is by scanning a picture of it on a page. Lastly, one could take a picture of an item in the real world. This makes it very easy on the user who is looking for a new product that he can enjoy.

Slyce can be downloaded as an app for smartphones and tablets. Also, retailers would benefit greatly from the technology. People that are looking for a certain item will find a store that carries that item or something similar. As a result, the retailer will experience an increase in revenue. Visual search and product recognition works very well in this respect.