Ian King has over twenty years of experience in the analyzing of financial markets and training. His is also an entrepreneur and cryptocurrency trader. He is one of the top contributors about the cryptoasset market for Investopedia because of his passion for the subject. King created a program that is innovative in helping regular investors navigate ripple, monero, bitcoin and other cryptoassets.

King began at Salomon Brother’s as a desk clerk in the mortgage bond trading department, he then went to Citigroup and credit derivatives. King then spent a ten years trading options for Peahi Capital, a hedge fund based in New York as the head trader. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing during 2017 to assist readers in understanding the crypto market. He contributes weekly to the Sovereign Investor Daily discussing the latest developments in crypto. Presently he is producing a course on trading and investment advisory for cryptocurrency for readers of Banyan Hill publications.

According to Ian King the fifteen hundred percent surge of bitcoin was just the end of the start for the cryptocurrency markets on banyanhill.com. While everyone has heard the name bitcoin there are not a lot of people who own or understand it. King was raised on the Jersey Shore where he worked as an ocean lifeguard during the summer. He was appointed captain at a Belmar, New Jersey beach at age nineteen.

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Ian King credits the numerous rescues when there conditions were rough with the skills he developed leading to successful trading according to zerohedge.com. His trading career benefited from the ability to follow his instincts, analyze and react quickly in any situation.

Ian King traded dot com stocks out of his dorm while studying psychology and pre med in college and discovered a love for analyzing trends. He got a B.S in psychology and went to Merrill Lynch for an internship during the 1990s. King first began to develop an interest in digital money when interest rates went to zero after the financial crisis ended. During 2012 he met with a Silicon Valley startup that was starting with e-currency to give central banks a form of digital money to print and distribute.

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