The health sector is one of the most important industries in all countries; a healthy nation means a growing country. There are people who have specialized in this line of services; Jorge Moll is one of such individuals. His desire to ensure health services are provided with great ease as well as quality continues to be a steering wheel for his works in the medical set up. His efforts has steered the health sector in Brazil to levels which can be considered as among the best. Jorge Moll, a cardiologist by training is also a renowned entrepreneur with numerous businesses across the country. Follow Jorge on

Jorge is a holder of a Masters degree in Public Health from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro and began practicing immediately after graduation. He is currently the chairman of one of the largest medical companies in the country, Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. Through his leadership, the company has undergone a brilliant transformation that has seen it grow and serve a larger share of the industry. What makes the company one of the most popular medical facilities in the country is the quality of services offered to patients. Qualified staffs have made service provision to be of high-quality, something that gives the company an edge in the market. Follow Jorge Moll on Facebook.

Jorge Moll continues to be an inspirational figure in the country. His dedication in committing all his resources and time in the provision of quality medical services has made all his works a success. Jorge has also contributed a significant amount of funds to charity in many foundations in the country. He turned his research laboratory into one of the biggest hospitals in Brazil. His commitment to ensuring a healthy nation has seen him reap the benefits of hard work. He controls a large share of the medical industry in Brazil. His hospitals not only provide its services to the locals, but it also offers medical services to patients from all over the globe. Jorge continues to inspire folks by giving motivational talks in numerous events as well as talk shows. He has really played a big role in shaping the provision of medical services in Brazil.