Jorge Moll’s passions are the functions and triggers of the human mind. Jorge also has had a passion in how everything began which in his mind, ties directly into mental function and decision making. Jorge began studying Neurology and he quickly discovered the beauty of fMRI brain imaging, hit this. Jorge describes an fMRI as functional MRI hence the f. He began obtaining the fMRI’s data by completing very simple hand and skin touches and very simple sensory experiments to allow the fMRI to register the brain’s activity.


Experimental Test

A few years later, he performed an experimental test on how people make moral judgments. Basically, he performed these high level tests without any invasive methods. Jorge would ask patients two types of questions via voice. One statement given would be controversial painting that negative picture in the mind of the patient currently inside the fMRI scanner. He also relayed an extremely generic statement to these same patients. He would also give the patients completely false statements and this let him see the part of the brain that processed correctness or incorrectness.

Displaying different types of images to the patients invoked stronger reactions. The front part of the brain is what allows us to judge and it was determined that persons with damage to the front of the brain had trouble socializing. The feedback from the images was obtained both from inside the fMRI scanner and via questionnaire afterwards. The results were amazing.

Jorge Moll states that the most minute lesion on the front of the brain can change a person’s sexual orientation. Now that is completely amazing. Jorge states that the affiliations that we form with the people that we care for are not emotions. The thoughts of something happening to or with a loved one can cause extreme emotional reactions, refer also here on

Because this area of study is not simply an emotion, this completely explains why it may take us years to recover from the loss of someone. Knowing this can cause patients to think differently in this area after a set amount of time. The set period of time is out of respect for the loss. This may also be, for all die hard sports fans, why we may confuse our self if our team looses and we go into a fit of rage by throwing and slamming things. This form of attachment is also deeper than just being a simple emotion.

Jorge Moll has changed an abundance of lives with his brilliant work and research data. Jorge Moll holds a post-doctorate. He finished medical school in 1994. He completed his neurology residency in 1997. We continue to thank him for his work.

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