Attorney Karl Heideck has taken his time to write about the recently enacted law in Philadelphia that address the issues of workers’ salary history. In one of his articles, he has detailed the challenges that proponents of the law underwent before the legislation could finally become law. The salary law prohibits employer in the Philadelphia from asking potential employees about their past salaries. This legislation was announced in January of 2017 and was made Philadelphia the first municipality in the United States to pass a law that prevents employers from knowing the past salaried of new employees before they hire them.

The salary law was not well received by all the stakeholders in the municipality. It generated a lot of controversy with employers seeing it as a measure to curtail, their right to know more information about the people they are likely to employ. It seemed like the authority wanted to limit of information that they would know regarding potential new employees. Those who were on the supportive side, especially the workers’ unions advocates were pleased with the law as it created a level playing ground for all the workers in the municipality. The law would create transparency in the process of hiring new employees in the city. The law was particularly helpful to the marginalized communities that had been undermined when seeking for job opportunities.

According to attorney Karl Heideck, the law was beneficial to the municipality because it would eliminate the pay gap that existed between male and females in the municipality. The issue of gender gap in the United States has been around for many years with men getting better salaries than women for the same job description. This situation has been undermining women in the state since whenever they went to seek for new jobs, potential employers were only willing to add a certain amount on top of what they were earning in their previous jobs. This is a tradition that would extend the discrimination that already existed in places of work. A man would always end up with a higher salary than a woman working at the same level.

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