Kenneth Goodgame has worked as a leader in the operations management field. He has held executive positions with True Value Hardware, Truserv Corp., where he served as senior vice president and chief merchandising officer, and Ace Hardware, where he served as general merchandising manager.

Goodgame has dedicated his career to improving the balance in corporate alignments, to effectively handle employee engagement, to analyze costs and to search for ways to create savings and efficiency. His career has been marked by improving growth and handling negotiations for the betterment of all involved. His extensive experience gives him insights needed to analyze market shifts and the avoidance of costly mistakes.

His many years of experience working within the hardware industry represents a tremendous amount of knowledge acquired. He stands ready to assume the responsibility of another management positions in this or a related industry.

There has been a gigantic change in the hardware industry in the past 50 years. With the emergence of Home Depot and Lowes super stores, the old concept of a local hardware store has been revolutionized. These new giant stores, which serve double duty as both showroom and warehouses have helped to lower prices due to enormous buying volume and have welcomed residents to shop at their outlets just like others shop at the supermarket. Many homeowners and craftsmen have welcomed these superstores while some miss the valuable advice available at the smaller earlier type of hardware stores. What Kenneth Goodgame offered was a blueprint for success in these hardware superstores. His experience is valuable and should not go to waste.

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