Depression is a dangerous condition that can destroy one’s life and family. To treat this condition studying brain is vital to make an assessment and get a clear picture of the depression cause and symptoms. Neurocore Brain Performance Center employs technology in brain mapping and training to come up with solutions for many brain-related disorders. Neurocore focuses on the brain and treats many brain-related disorders by customized programs that train the brain to function effectively. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

To manage depression, a comprehensive assessment is done using qEEG brainwave-mapping technology at Neurocore. This is to assist in coming up with a clear picture of symptoms and the level of depression. Also, other symptom rating scales that are clinically validated are used. Neurocore believes for a customized program to be developed in treating depression, a precise map of the brain should be used. It makes sure that the treatment program is effective and long-lasting.


The qEEG technology evaluates the brain electrical activity to determine the cause of depression. After the evaluation, the brain map is studied, and a Neurofeedback program is designed for every patient depending on the cause of depression. This program aims to train the brain to perform better. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has highly learned and experienced experts who are dedicated to developing long-lasting solutions to the individual affected by depression.

On top of depression treatment, Neurocore examines and comes up with customized programs for treating lack of sleep, anxiety, stress management, migraines as well as ADHD. With brainwave mapping and software that monitors the brainwave frequencies, feedback is provided in real-time. Neurocore Brain Performance Center experts use the feedback to develop a program that will optimize brain functioning and at the same time eliminating undesirable symptoms.

Neurocore was founded in 2004, and it has grown significantly as a result of excellent services in brain performance training. It has over nine brain centers in Florida and Michigan, and they are working hard to ensure they avail their services all over the United States. Neurocore brain performance training and brain diagnostic services are excellent and have helped many people in managing ADHD, stress, anxiety, sleep, autism as well as depression. Visit to know more about Neurocore.