Anthony Marsala, who is a co-founder of Madison Street Capital, has been awarded by the Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. He made it to the 40 Under Forty Program, which recognizes business individuals who have made commendable strides in business valuation, litigation, financial forensics, mergers and acquisitions, among other areas.

The honorees were selected by the sitting executive staff of NAVCA and according to the panel, they were impressed by the quality candidates displayed, something that made selection a hilly task. However, they narrowed down to Madison Street Capital’s COO, Anthony Marsala, who qualified on the basis that he has emerged as a visionary, excellence-founded individual.

The total number of honorees in attendance was 125, and this included nominees selected by the executive staff. These are people who have extraordinary advances in different areas. Anthony Marsala is a leader and a strategist who has been leading Madison Street Capital, LLC., in creating a positive international presence. He is also oversees the performance of the analytical team to ensure due diligence is adhered to. He is also responsible for ensuring the finance corporate services and M&A is handled in the most accurate manner. Marsala has reviewed transactional engagements for more than 13 years in various companies.

About Madison Street Capital
Madison Street Capital is an internationally recognized investment banking company dedicated to upholding integrity and professionalism. The company offers advisory services in the corporate sector to help businesses manage their books of accounts. Madison Street Capital also works with qualified auditors from their team to offer valuation services and financial opinions regarding the position of a business. The information offered by Madison Street Capital has been of great help especially among start-ups. Simply put, Madison Street Capital works with trained professionals, who first look into the profile of a business for analyses that draw opinions and facts about the business.

The company also arranges cost-effective financing for businesses depending on the capacity of a business and position in the market. Madison Street Capital is a leading provider of advisory services and business valuations that are relevant for the market. It allows businesses to choose the best match for their needs to ensure accuracy in the implementation of processes and to avoid making costly decisions that do not impact positively on the business. Most importantly, Madison Street Capital walks closely with the client until the process of initiating a financial transaction is complete. Until the process goes to completion successfully, Madison Street Capital will make effort to protect the business.