Based in Reno, Nevada, Josh Smith has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 18 years. These include a wide assortment of product and service companies in technology, and health. His expertise includes logistics, manufacturing, regulations, imports, exports, and a wide range of areas. After facing a problem when he was trying to find a gardening solution, Josh, developed an idea for starting a business to create modular greenhouses. Home gardening is now more simple and productive as a direct result of the innovation. In addition to his interests in greenhouses, he is also passionate about 3D printing.
Recently, Josh Smith donated one of his greenhouses to High Desert Montessori School in Reno, Nevada. This gives the students and opportunity to learn about growing plants. The aim of the greenhouses is to help students avoid chemicals in their daily diets.

From Artist to Entrepreneur

Josh Smith began as an artist, but eventually became an inventor. This has meant that he has been able to put his ideas into practice. He developed a sense for the problems that made people’s lives more difficult, so he sought to solve them as an entrepreneur.

Wrote Problems and Innovated Around Them

Smith approaches problems by writing them down and creating a diagram around it. From this point, he turns the diagram into a product by reverse-engineering the idea. What also makes him unique as an entrepreneur is that Josh Smith cares about society as much as he cares about his job.

Multiple Products at Once

He also does multiple products at once, meaning he doesn’t have time for everything. But, this doesn’t come at a cost of his sense of his realism: he constantly advises other entrepreneurs to stay in touch with reality. But, he is also a big believer in encouraging others to pursue their ideas with all of their energy.

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