While Louis Chenevert’s towering 6’6″ frame is what most people first see, it’s the former CEO’s brilliant strategic planning that really stands out.

A Time for Brilliant Strategy

Anyone who lived through the dark days of the 2007-2008 financial crisis and following recession will remember the desperate measures many companies took to stay afloat; often sacrificing decency or the core values they were founded on. Not Louis, or the United Technologies Corporation that he helmed. When other companies were bleeding money and ethics, UTC took a counter-intuitive step: they spent more. Read more about Louis Chenevert at wingsjournal.com.

United Technologies Corporation

Louis became Chairman of UTC in 2006 and CEO shortly thereafter. Instead of looking for ways to outsource production–as was and is very common–Louis moved all production to Connecticut. His reasons were sound: low-cost production resulted in low-quality products. By consolidating all UTC’s engineers and workers in one central locations, problems got solved faster and UTC’s employees felt cared about and gave their best in return.

Over Louis’ tenure as CEO, UTC flourished; the company stock price soared, they absorbed and acquired large rival firms, and the company prospered. At the height of his success Louis stepped down as CEO, surprising many. Rather than coast on a job well done, Louis rolled up his sleeves to little fanfare and moved on to the next thing. Read more at Bloomberg.

Retired, but Tireless

Semi-retired, Louis does some aerospace consulting work and devotes his life to his hobby: boating. With a lifetime’s experience of manufacturing and design to rely on, Louis is working on building “the perfect yacht.” His latest yacht, the Debbie Lou, showcases many of the customized features Louis insisted on, and the shipbuilding firm in charge of construction has already begun using his ideas in their other ships. Brilliance, it seems, transcends industry segmentation. But Louis already knows that. From a humble production manager to CEO of a multinational conglomeration, Louis Chenevert’s professional life has been one of superb strategic moves, one after another.