In Mexico and around the world, no media station matches the influence of GrupoTelevisa, S.A. It is regarded as the largest Spanish broadcaster. In order to reach this stage, the GrupoTelevisa, S.A started slowly from a radio station then later diversified to TV. TV is their biggest income earner and accounts for more than 60 % of their revenues.

At the helm of GrupoTelevisa is Salvi Rafael FolchViadero, the Chief Financial Officer. With a career spanning decades in media, he has continued shaping the company to prosperity by diversifying into different areas such as sport. However, their traditional income earning segment has been on the export of Soap operas to different international stations.

Salvi Rafael FolchViadero’s main work has been aligning the company’s strategic outlook and maximises the reach and influence. This has seen the company diversify into sports coverage, feature film production and distribution.

Salvi Rafael FolchViadero had previously, serve in different positions in – GrupoTelevisa for many years before his position as CFO. GrupoTelevisa has also ventured into electronic media. It capitalises on the high rate of internet penetration in Mexico. Mexico has the second highest internet penetration in Latin America.

GrupoTelevisa owns two of the main commercial TV stations, these are CanaldeEstrellas and Canal 5. The other to main stations, Azteca 7 and Azteca Trece networks are owned by Azteca. These four stations reach about 75% of the Mexican population.

Apart from GrupoTelevisa and Azteca, there also other media houses that compete for the public’s attention. Previously, many journalists have lost their lives due to the clashing of interests with government and hence found themselves on the wrong side of the bridge. This, therefore, affects the media’s ability to be impartial in disseminating information.

Things have however changed with the media now able to work independently and provide more objective information.

Daily newspapers also play a very big role in Mexico. The most popular daily newspaper is The News. This publication forms part of the NovedadesEditores which also publishes which is an online product and 15 magazines.