Securus Technology operates out of their headquarter in Dallas, Texas, but also has a Technology Centre in Carrolton Texas that is just five minutes drive from their headquarter. Since its inauguration, the company has already showcased their products to more than 1,250 customers, and their technology is currently in use with their clients, mainly the inmates, the law enforcement officers, the loved ones of the inmates and others. Securus Technologies has managed to revive the prison industry that many thought was untouchable. Many companies refused to enter the industry a few decades back, and it was Securus Technologies that took the biggest step. It is the reason why it is one of the top companies offering high-quality civil and criminal justice technology solutions.


Securus Technologies has left its competitors behind with its superior products, low calling rates, a broad range of inmate solutions and a Technology center where they demonstrate their new technology to the world. The company is working hard to make their customer service the best in the world so that their clients can get quick and easy solutions to any problems that they might be facing. I was one of the prisoners who used their services while I was completing my sentence. My mother used to visit me in prison, but she has health issues that were making it difficult for her to visit me every week.


It was then that Securus Technologies started the video-visitation services and it made it easy for my mother to talk to me. She did not have to drive all the way to the prison to see me and could do so easily through the video. My mother was much happier after that and could also attend her doctor’s appointment on time without having to worry about meeting me every week.