James Bopp is a lawyer from Terre Haute in Indiana, and in 2008 he was defending a non-profit company which at the time was small. The client was the Citizens United, and they wanted to be granted permission to air Hillary: The Movie. The Federal Election Commission (FEC) had an issue with the period during which the film was to be aired, that is, the Democratic presidential primaries. The FEC also had a problem because the advertisement was meant to take 90 minutes as a campaign ad without the knowledge of who was to pay for it. The film depicted Hillary Clinton as a ruthless schemer in politics and also as a European socialist. The film also had Kathleen Willy accusing Bill Clinton. The accusation was that she was hugged and kissed by Bill Clinton while they were in the white house. Kathleen goes on to say that Clinton was planning to kill her cat.

James Bopp argued that there was no significant difference between the 90 minutes movie and the 60 minutes movie. He went ahead to say that the producers of the film should be given the First Amendment protections. Bopp’s arguments left the whole court bursting with laughter including Judge Royce Lamberth who found the film in question to be quite long. In 2010 the Supreme Court overruled the case and acknowledged Bopp’s arguments. The Citizens United was to be protected by the First Amendment. Bopp endorses the dismantling of the campaign-finance laws as these laws benefit only the wealthy corporations especially those with connections to political leaders. The Citizens United vs. FEC case brought consequences that went beyond giving protection to movies and books. Hefty spending in elections was allowed, and this was why the Karl Rove’s American Crossroads group raised and spent huge amounts of money with public disclosure kept at minimal.

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End Citizens United appreciates the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010 about the Citizens United vs. FEC case. The name End Citizens United came from the whole event which made it possible for corporate donations in elections allowing the raising and spending of massive amounts of money during election periods. The End Citizens United is a committee based on political actions, and it aims more on raising money on its own from politics. The group recently accumulated over $4 million in a period of three months, that is, from January to March 2017. However, their goal is to raise $35 million before the 2018 elections for congress. The details of the whole fundraising events were disclosed first to USA TODAY. Adam Bozzi is the group’s spokesman, and he stated that they have been making more ties to the campaign-finance groups. The End Citizens United ranked top among Democratic-aligned groups who spend massive amounts of cash in the 2016 elections in the USA.