Where can you possibly find the latest, greatest tips to make your once dull, lifeless hair look full and fabulous, all presented in an enthusiastic and exciting way? Well, look no further! Wengie’s YouTube video entitled “10 Hair Hacks That Every Girl Should Know” is a treasure-trove of current information, all revealed to you in an upbeat, positive and colorful way! From trimming your own split-ends, to waking up with a just-done do, Wengie has all the answers in her latest hair hacks video.

It is no wonder that Wengie is the #1 Asian Beauty Channel in Austrailia! Her YouTube video boasts cutting-edge information, including facts about nutrition and vitamins and the importance of these factors in helping your hair to be strong and supple. Of course, you don’t have to be Asian or Austrailian to benefit from Wengie’s valuable hair hacks! Anyone can benefit from Wengie’s hair tips! I mean, who would have thought that attaching a dryer sheet to your hair brush could make your tresses smell amazing?

The damage-reducing methods of hair styling that Wengie explains is invaluable. Not only does she discuss the best way to dry your hair, with a tee shirt, of course, as a towel would be dreadfully damaging; she even dishes on ways to use an old nylon stocking as a gentle ponytail holder! Such a creative use of nylon! Wengie even presents how to make and apply a homemade coconut hair conditioner that is so super healthy for you that you could even eat it!

What to do when you need that tousled, wavy hair look and you need it right now? Check out Wengie’s tip for a quick ponytail curl that you can just shake out and go!
Or, create a double ponytail to make your hair look long and strong. And, clean up those fly-aways with a hair-sprayed toothbrush. Of course, don’t use the one that you just brushed your teeth with!

So, for a visually stimulating, enthusiastic and informative video that will assist you in creating the best hair in town, view Wengie’s “10 Hair Hacks That Every Girl Should Know”, and get your hairstyle on!

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