For a long time, e-commerce personalization has not been that personal. In fact, most brands take advantage of cohort recommendations and email as personalization strategies, but this is different from what sentient aware hopes to achieve. This is because it takes advantage of individual users shopping patterns to bring out products that are in line with the user’s style.

Additionally, it analyzes unique shoppers in real time. Any e-commerce recommendation engine will require you to keep tabs on each client’s action and click before examining them in a series of cohorts. The good thing about aware personalization AI is that it doesn’t need lots of outdated and historical data since it’s powered by the understanding of rich-data images.

Superb experience with any device

Aware AI provides mobile device users a first class shopping experience. This is because it uses images as opposed to words when analyzing buyer’s intentions and also brings on potential board clients in a short period. In fact, the aware e-commerce recommendation engine increases conversion rates four times over and works perfectly on any device.

Real-time personalization

Customers have their unique traits, and most personalization solutions do not capture all of them given that they employ cohort analysis and historical data. Aware takes account of the clients unique traits to merchandise products catalog for their unique characteristics. You don’t need to rely on outdated data on the buyers shopping experience, but instead, you’ll get true personalization.

A better catalogue understanding

The awesome aspect of sentient AI is that it doesn’t have to stay in the background for months before learning your catalog. It will personalize every shopper buying aspects once it’s integrated into your website.

How aware operates

Aware uses the buyer’s product understanding and shopping intention based on the historical and real-time activity. By combining shoppers and their understanding of the product, it makes it easier to deliver better recommendations, better navigations as well as better product selection in all the digital touch prints.

How visual search comes into play

Visual search is an essential aspect of optimization, and you could think of home décor, clothes, and apparel as an example. You will also realize that products which are more utilitarian do not work perfectly. At the end of the day, you can’t just buy a screw or nail based on its appearance, but rather you do so based on the size and whether it’s going to get you the desired results.